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Scott the Pisces releases a playful summer-love single, entitled, “Euphoric,” featuring Ashley Alisha

Scott the Pisces is a British producer/songwriter from London, England. Not too long ago, he released a playful summer-love single, titled, “Euphoric,” featuring Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Ashley Alisha. The song was produced by Scott, and written by Ashley, in a co-written collaboration produced, recorded, and mixed remotely from their bedrooms.

Scott the Pisces – “Euphoric” lyric video featuring Ashley Alisha

“Throughout the years I’ve seen so many amazing Anime music videos being created from my songs, I decided I wanted to pay homage to that with this artwork, using the Chibi style to represent Ashley and I.” – Scott the Pisces explained

‘Euphoric’ harnesses the euphoria of what summer love feels like. A sense of joy, freedom, and new beginnings. “Euphoric” has already been selected to be used on Love Island USA (Season 5) this summer. The likable tune is the work of two independent artists attempting to create this year’s summer anthem.

‘Euphoric’ contains themes of nostalgia, blended with the euphoric bliss that comes from falling in love. A breath of fresh air, the electric synth-laden tune aims to inspire listeners to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Furthermore, “Euphoric” is the third official single to be released from Scott the Pisces, following his debut EP, “Ocean Blue,” and his hit single, “Summer ‘22,” which was featured on Love Island USA. Also, “Euphoric” is the second musical collaboration between Scott the Pisces and Ashley Alisha. In 2021, she was featured on the title track for Scott’s “Ocean Blue” project.

Scott the Pisces – “Euphoric” featuring Ashley Alisha

Scott the Pisces - “Euphoric” cover art

“When I first produced the instrumental for ‘Euphoric,’ I purposely wanted to capture the essence of summer. Ashley was able to take that feeling and build upon it with the concept of young love, which was the perfect blend for this song. I love Ashley’s writing style, and her voice is incredible.” – Scott the Pisces explained

Scott the Pisces has had his sights set on a career in music from early childhood. At age eight, he first picked up a guitar, a Christmas gift from his mother. Later, Scott started dissecting songs by his favorite artists in his bedroom. Everyone from Kanye West to Katy Perry to Dr. Dre. Scott dreamt of stadium lights and plotting a path out of his small, two-bedroom home.

Scott has been the architect behind all of the “Euphoric” promotional material, including the lyric video, artwork, social media content, and more. The Chibi Anime style heavily inspires the artwork.

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