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Samie Bower, SUZI, and Baer release an appetizing R&B tune, entitled, “Don’t Bother Us”

Samie Bower is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he, SUZI, and Baer released an appetizing R&B tune, entitled, “Don’t Bother Us”, produced by Yenn Beats.

Samie Bower x SUZI x Baer – “Don’t Bother Us” single

“Let’s hit the hills up on the west side. We the plug, we don’t ever wait in line. It be the crew on swag every night. So don’t bother us, don’t bother us. You and I won’t ever be alike. We fly as f**k always in another ride. I get the late-night call, got me like, ‘Hey’. So don’t bother us.” – lyrics

‘Don’t Bother Us’ tells a fun tale about individuals who are enjoying a luxurious life in L.A. Apparently, haters are hating on them because they’re popping. Also, it’s a movie whenever they step out wearing designer fashion and expensive jewelry.

‘Don’t Bother Us’ contains a playful narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the party-friendly tune possesses upbeat instrumentation flavored with a fresh contemporary R&B aroma. Furthermore, “Don’t Bother Us” serves as a wonderful collaboration between three talented artists on the rise.

“Don’t need a ‘like’ on the gram to get me gassed up.”

Samie Bower x Suzi x Baer – “Don’t Bother Us” cover art

“For me, the song is just having a good time. But not letting anyone get in the way of it. You have your group of friends, your gang, whatever you want to call it, and don’t want anyone messing that up. Something like a ‘No New Friends’ type of attitude, ya know?” – Samie Bower stated

We recommend adding Samie Bower’s, SUZI’s, and Baer’s “Don’t Bother Us” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

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