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Samaria releases a heartfelt R&B tune, entitled, “Stuck”

Samaria is a talented singer-songwriter from Oakland, California. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt R&B tune, entitled, “Stuck.”

Samaria – “Stuck” single

“When people walk away from listening to my music, I want them to feel it in their core. If they were able to relate to it in any sense, I want to make sure that they really felt it from the pit of their soul.” – Samaria stated

‘Stuck’ was inspired by convos between Samaria and her ex-boyfriend. The likable tune contains a relationship-based narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Kehlani, Reyanna Maria, and Lu’ginnae. Furthermore, “Stuck” possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with contemporary and urban R&B elements. Also, the song follows on the heels of Samaria’s previously released single, entitled, “Out the Way.”

“Just me with another song about my ex.”

“I found an old text thread between my ex and me on my laptop. I thought it had been deleted, but as I scrolled through our conversations I could pinpoint everywhere I went wrong. All of these things that I didn’t want to admit before were suddenly in my face and I couldn’t run from it anymore. It was too late for me to communicate that with him so I wrote it all down for myself.” – Samaria explained

‘Out the Way’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who shares a problematic relationship with her significant other. Apparently, she realizes that she has nothing left to offer, and believes her companion deserves better. Therefore, she chooses to get out of his way because she doesn’t represent what he needs at the current moment.


Samaria press photo

Samaria grew up on a healthy diet of the ‘90s and 2000s R&B/pop including Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, and Justin Timberlake. She incorporates clever word-play songwriting influenced by R&B heavyweights such as Bryson Tiller, Brent Faiyaz, and Snoh Aalegra.

The last couple of years have seen Samaria release standout singles like “Foolish,” “Shy Girl,” and “Santa’s October.” With over two million Spotify streams and counting, you can bet listeners are feeling Samaria. She creates music that invites listeners to break down their emotional walls and open up. Also, her music relays raw emotions of love, heartbreak, and introspection.

“Stuck” single

Samaria - “Stuck” song cover

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