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RIVER and Lute release a vintage urban-pop tune, entitled, “WE’LL BE TOGETHER”

RIVER is a talented singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Lute is a GRAMMY-nominated, platinum recording artist from Slum County, North Carolina. Not too long ago, they released a vintage urban-pop tune, entitled, “WE’LL BE TOGETHER.”

RIVER and Lute – “WE’LL BE TOGETHER” single

“I’ve been waiting for a minute just to be alone. Just to find out how to fix a f***ing broken home. I can see it working if I tried. Any time now you will get it and you’ll understand that I’m holding something close and have a better hand, dealt my cards in the motherland. And I dream and I dream that you think of me. I know I’m the one you can’t oversee. All these late-night fights and the jealousy. Said you’re done but I know you’ll come back for me.” – lyrics

‘WE’LL BE TOGETHER’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who is currently separated from her significant other. Apparently, there’s trouble in paradise, but in due time, she believes they will be together again, forever this time. Later, she addresses her former partner about his new squeeze, “You know that I love you and that b*tch can’t do it like I do.”

‘WE’LL BE TOGETHER’ contains blunt and empowered honesty, soul-quaking vocals, and the sassy spirit of a vintage pinup model. Also, the sensational tune possesses a pleasurably sonic vibration that will surely resonate well with fans of Lana del Rey, Kali Uchis, and Kur. The dazzling soul instrumentation, bursting with urban-pop and hip-hop elements, compliments the wordplay and flow of Lute and RIVER wholeheartedly.

“I dream and I dream that you think of me. I know I’m the one you can’t oversee.”

RIVER press photo
Photo by Jonathan Perlmann

“‘WE’LL BE TOGETHER’ is about that one love you try to ignore but keep comparing everything else with. It’s about accepting and giving in to what the heart truly yearns for. I wanted to make a song that both tapped into the music of old-school soul that I grew up with mixed with the attitude of current hip-hop. To get Lute on the track helped me reach that vision and took it all to another level.– RIVER explained

Growing up in a musical household, RIVER has never been one to settle for the conventional when it comes to her creativity and lifestyle. From globetrotting Asia to San Francisco to Mexico, the Stockholm native has been leading a nomadic life. For a while, she has been busking and performing in various cities while honing her own craft.

“Oh, you know that I love you and that b*tch can’t do it like I do.”

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Travel was a way for me to let go of other people’s expectations. Or, at least what I thought they expected of me. I was able to restart and find myself, I decided to move back to Sweden because I knew I was going to do music for the rest of my life. I had my own songs, and I was ready to pursue this.– RIVER explained

RIVER infuses a lifetime obsession with soul, experiences gained on a globetrotting whirlwind, and rare mystique into a simmering signature style. Her work draws inspiration from a pastiche of experiences, places, and people that all have been part of her journey as an artist. Through both her music and style, she continues manifesting her commanding persona and authenticity that stands as the centerpiece of her artistry that captivates, thrills and surprises her audience. Be on the lookout for what she has to offer in 2022.


RIVER and Lute - “WE’LL BE TOGETHER” song cover art

“Blacker the berry, sweeter the juice, I’m just out here tryna live out my truth. When I do the math, I carry the twos, subtract all the bullsh*t, it’s just me and you. I have my ways, you know how I do. I know you wit’ it, you know I need proof. Don’t play them games, you know I don’t choose. If you ain’t a rider then chuck up the deuce. I ain’t a player but sh*t, I ain’t buying, but you be the type to be stuck on my mind. I know I’m the type to be wasting your time, but who do you know doing you better than me? You say I’m no good but who do you keep? But you know our chemistry run a lil deep, say we together forever.” – Lute lyrics

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