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Pop Smoke releases a music video for his “Welcome To the Party” single

Pop Smoke is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Welcome To the Party” single.

Pop Smoke – “Welcome To the Party” music video

“Don’t let that Henny in my system. I catch a body, next day I forget it. Ni^^a, Dread just caught a body and that’s on the gang, ni^^a. I was just with him, look, free all my rilla ni^^as, all my villain ni^^as. All my killer ni^^as out the cage. Since a youngin’, ni^^a, I been drillin’ ni^^as. Ma, I’m sorry, I’m stuck up in my ways. Ain’t nobody ever gave me sh*t. With this big chip, I had to get paid, and it’s 10K to go on stage. And you know the treesh gettin’ laid.” – lyrics

‘Welcome To the Party’ contains an urban-street narrative, conversational rap vocals, and melodic instrumentation produced by 808Melo.  

The likable tune is featured on Pop Smoke’s 9-track project, entitled, “Meet the Woo”.

“Meet the Woo”

Pop Smoke + Meet The Woo + cover

“I made ‘Welcome to the Party’ in my crib. It took like 30 minutes. I’m just chilling with the homeboys, you know, I just wanted to party. I don’t know how I came across the beat, I was just on YouTube and it just came across and I just clicked it. Real sh*t. It was just on YouTube. Because you know, I listen to a couple of artists. I like Chef, know what I’m saying? I like Sleepy. So as I’m listening to them the beat just came up and I just went crazy. I don’t write at all, to be honest. I just go in there and go crazy.” – Pop Smoke

Not too long ago, Pop Smoke released a remix of his “Welcome To the Party” single featuring Queens’ rapper Nicki Minaj.

Pop Smoke – “Welcome To the Party” remix feat. Nicki Minaj

“‘Welcome to the party’ is just me like, ‘You do what I do.’ Like you shot a ni^^a? Welcome to the party. Oh, you get b*tches? Welcome to the party. That’s just what it means.” – Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke musical influences include 50 Cent, DMX, and Meek Mill.

Stream Pop Smoke’s “Meet the Woo” project via Apple Music

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