Piper 57 - “Money” press photo
Photo by Rico Zartner @itsricozartner

Piper 57 releases an appealing pop tune, entitled, “Money”

Piper 57 is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter based in Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, she released an appealing pop tune, entitled, “Money,” with the support of her management agency, AIMEND.

Piper 57 – “Money” single

“I wanna touch on the problem of selling yourself, your values, expectations, and your body. How in our society, you constantly work your way up, still always question the sense of it – of it all. The theme is put here as sugar-dating but can be spread further upon all issues of freedom and dependency. This track really means a lot to me and it was so much fun working on it.” – Piper 57 explained

‘Money’ contains a cash-based narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Bebe Rexha, Zara Larsson, Charli XCX, and Hailee Steinfeld. The likable tune possesses lush instrumentation flavored with a contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “Money” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Piper 57’s upcoming debut EP, set to be released soon.

Piper 57

Piper 57 - “Money” press photo
Photo by Rico Zartner @itsricozartner

“I have to work hard, especially to make it as an independent artist. Twice as hard as people with a major-label backing have to. But in the end, I think it is still worth it because working like that enables me to make my own music, the way I want it without making compromises.” – Piper 57 explained

Piper 57 told her press agents how, a few months ago while being all but better off financially, she used to bake her own bread to be able to afford her music productions. The close relationship with renowned producer, Pascal “Palle” Martin (Clide & Noah Levi), is in part what enables Piper to perform her outstanding productions amongst major labels, while still staying an independent artist.

“Money” single

Piper 57 - “Money” song cover
Photo by Rico Zartner @itsricozartner

Piper 57’s feminine, R’n’B-infused style and modern productions make her the secret guaranteed-to-succeed addition to your driving-time playlist. The reason Piper writes her songs are the emotions she has felt. The budding songstress stated, “I have gone through some pretty extreme situations and learned my lessons.” Now, she is passing her experience on to her audience in a sweet, extraordinary, and charismatic way.

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