Piper 57 - “3 Angels 4 Charlie” press photo

Experience the Lavish World of Piper 57’s New “3 Angels 4 Charlie” Single

Piper 57 is a rising singer-songwriter based in Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, she released a dreamy pop single, “3 Angels 4 Charlie.”

Piper 57 – “3 Angels 4 Charlie” music video

“3 Angels 4 Charlie” finds Piper 57 taking listeners on a journey through the lavish and chaotic lives of a millionaire’s three muses. The title nods to the iconic American film “Charlie’s Angels,” but the narrative here is far from the detective escapades we remember. Instead, it’s a psychedelic experience, a dream-like getaway where worries about money and mental stress vanish.

The first verse introduces us to this otherworldly escape: “I know a sacred place and there’s a secret gate behind the mirror in the lavatory, just a sniff away.” It’s a whimsical and somewhat surreal imagery that sets the tone for the rest of the song. The muses, described as enjoying wet and tanned boys and girls, dive into the metaphoric pools of space, emphasizing the sense of boundless freedom they experience.

The chorus amplifies a hedonistic bliss: “Three angels for Charlie throwing a little party, living bon bon safari. We’d be serving hotties on the buffet of our bodies.” This portrayal of indulgence and carefree living is like a dream the muses don’t want to wake from. They reject material worries, choosing to believe that life is all about living life to the fullest.

“This feels like a dream, don‘t wake us up”

Piper 57 - “3 Angels 4 Charlie” press photo

“‘3 Angels 4 Charlie’ describes the life of a millionaire’s three muses, navigating through the chaos of the modern world while bathing in luxury. The song transports us into a psychedelic experience, referencing the iconic American film ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ In a world free from worries and mental challenges, they escape reality into a peaceful dreamland.” – Piper 57 explained

“3 Angels 4 Charlie” paints a vivid picture of a life unburdened by material concerns, where luxury is not just about wealth but also about a state of mind. It’s a whimsical, witty, and somewhat surreal portrayal of modern escapism. “3 Angels 4 Charlie” will resonate with Casey Shirin, Sabrina Carpenter, and Bea Miller supporters. The synth-pop-acoustic song is the fourth track lifted from Piper’s upcoming album, “Outdaddy The Daddy.”

Piper 57 – “3 Angels 4 Charlie” single

Piper 57 - “3 Angels 4 Charlie” cover art

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