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Pink Palaces releases a lovely alternative/R&B tune, entitled, “Whenever You Call”

Pink Palaces is a duo from central Mississippi. Not too long ago, they released “Whenever You Call”, a lovely alternative/R&B tune from their debut album, entitled, “Palace in the Sky”.

Pink Palaces – “Whenever You Call”

“Forgive me if I talk a little less, it’s me not you, it’s just that I’m nervous. I don’t wanna die without a purpose. You ain’t gotta shed a tear for me at the service. I go chasing, in a valley low I dream of hills to climb. Hope it’s close, an open ocean. Know they say that most folks don’t make it. Can your seed of faith stand the test of time? Weighing on my mind, take me home my lord.” – lyrics

‘Whenever You Call’ contains dreamy and inspiring storylines, sweet-soul vocals, and lush instrumentation seasoned with bubbly drums and harmonious soundscapes. Also, the ear-welcoming tune is soothingly delicious to listen to. 

Pink Palaces – “Palace in the Sky”

Pink Palaces - “Whenever You Call” artwork
Hand drawn & painted by @_ben_atkinson

“The first section is about chasing dreams and the adversity you face while trying to realize and fulfill your purpose. The production is intended to give a larger than life feeling shaped by this. After the beat switch, the second section is more of an introspective look on this adversity and sort of where it can lead mentally. The production warms up (less reverb, no auto-tune) to reflect a kind of self-talk, responding to doubts that people may have about the path you choose to work toward.” – Pink Palaces

Pink Palaces consists of Nigel Cole and Ben Atkinson. Their southern-rooted sound comprises of Gospel, spiritual, classic-soul, and indie-R&B elements. Get acquainted with the dynamic duo’s music by streaming their “Palace in the Sky” album via Spotify.

“Palace in the Sky”

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