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SABRI releases a remarkable debut EP, entitled, “Actually, I Can.”

SABRI (Loubna Sabri) is a talented singer-songwriter from The Netherlands. Not too long ago, she released a remarkable debut EP, entitled, “Actually, I Can.” The 8-track project is made up of stories about love, heartbreak, and the ups and downs of relationships. Also, the EP is a glittering example of an artist in full bloom with outstanding vocal talent.

SABRI – “Actually, I Can.” EP

SABRI - “Actually, I Can.” EP cover

“‘Actually, I Can.’ is about the phase I’m in as I enter my thirties. The days of insecurities and hardships are over. I grew as a woman and now it’s time to f****** shine and live the life I deserve. ‘Actually, I Can.’ symbolizes independence, growth, self-confidence, and self-love.” – SABRI explained

Filled with strong intent and power in its title, “Actually, I Can.” is a beautiful introduction to SABRI and the world that she has created for her sound to live within.

The project kicks off with her jazz-inflected 2021 single, “Wish The Love Never Died,” which organically accumulated over 2.5 million Spotify streams. The track’s simple nostalgic hip-hop beat gives SABRI’s raw vocals plenty of space to run and elevate the record as she captivates listeners with pure sonic magic.

SABRI – “Broken Promises” music video

Next up is SABRI’s latest single, “Broken Promises,” led by dramatic piano chords. Slowing down the pace is the sensual third track, “Ready,” which leans into the R&B world that heavily influenced SABRI’s entry into music. The fourth EP cut, “Falling Off You,” is a bluesy soul number that further demonstrates SABRI’s ability to deliver delicious melodic hooks.

Following this is the single that kicked off SABRI’s 2022, “Too Perfect To Be Loved,” which leads into her debut single from 2019, “Lost In You,” an infectious tune that pairs the huskiness of her voice with electric guitar and soaring organ to great effect.

“Something I Know” single

‘Something I Know’ is the penultimate record, which SABRI released in 2020, and further exemplifies the broad range in SABRI’s vocal runs on an instrumental laden with horns, keys, and bass. The EP rounds off with “So Long To You,” a piano-led offering that details SABRI walking away from a challenging relationship.

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