Phantoms + Vanessa-Hudgens
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Phantoms drops their “Lay With Me” single featuring Vanessa Hudgens

Phantoms (Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola) is a critically-acclaimed Los Angeles-based electronic duo. Not too long ago, they released a bubbly electronic tune, entitled, “Lay With Me”, featuring Vanessa Hudgens.  

Phantoms – “Lay With Me” feat. Vanessa Hudgens

“My trust broken in half. Head rush right from the start. Oh no, I don’t wanna let it show. Undress all of my doubts. Naked with or without no clothes and I don’t even feel that cold. Just the thought of letting go makes me wanna pull you closer. Close enough so you can whisper every word ” – lyrics, Vanessa Hudgens

‘Lay With Me’ tells a tale of a woman who convinces her significant other to lay down on a bed beside her. One thing leads to the other and they find themselves in each other’s arms touching each other’s skin.

That dreamlike moment is golden and they know exactly where the four-play is leading up to.

The song contains a romantic storyline, pop vocals, and pulsating electronic instrumentation embedded with complementary sounds.

Phantoms + Vanessa Hudgens – “Lay With Me”

Phantoms + Vanessa Hudgens + Lay With Me Cover Art

“Making this song was such a serendipitous experience. We grew up with Vanessa then weirdly ran into her at the airport last year and talked about working on music at some point. Then a few months later we got in the studio and recorded this song. It was a cool way to reconnect since the last time we all hung out we were around 16 years old. So happy this song is finally out, it’s one of our favorites.” – Phantoms

Hudgens, also based in Los Angeles, emotionally shared her enjoyment in collaborating with her childhood friends.

“I’m so excited for this song and music video. I loved being in the studio again working with Phantoms. Crazy we reconnected all these years later and got to create something we’re all very proud of.” – Vanessa Hudgens

We recommend adding “Phantoms’ “Lay With Me” single to your personal playlist.

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