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Peach PRC releases an ultimate breakup anthem, entitled, “Josh”

Peach PRC is a rising pop star from Australia. Not too long ago, she released an ultimate breakup anthem, entitled, “Josh,” her Republic Records debut single.

Peach PRC – “Josh” single

“Does your mum still buy your clothes? ‘Cause I know you’re still at home. You’re getting too old, all your money’s rolled up your nose. How’s your business working out? Such an entrepreneur clown. ‘How to win friends, influence them’ let you down. And I heard you’re getting drunk at bars. Still over-drawing credit card bills, slot machines, casinos, what’s your deal? ‘Cause, you’re living like a baller on a budget of about twenty dollars. Plus my rent money you borrowed.” – lyrics

‘Josh’ tells an honest tale about a young woman who wants nothing to do with her narcissistic ex-boyfriend, Josh. Apparently, she wants him to stop calling her phone because she has successfully moved on. However, Josh is a persistent chap who doesn’t give up too easily. Therefore, to reinforce her cemented stance, she blocks his incoming calls, hoping he gets the message that she no longer wants to be with him.

‘Josh’ contains a post-relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. The likable, yet harsh tune possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with a vibey contemporary pop aroma. Furthermore, “Josh” serves as a wonderful introduction to what listeners can expect to hear from Peach PRC in the near future as she releases more “girly camp pop” tunes.

“F*** off, stop calling me, Josh.”

Peach PRC's “Josh” song front cover art.

“I’ve been wanting to put out this song forever. It’s very special to me because it captured a real moment. I was a bit down when I was writing one day. My ex, Josh, kept calling me over and over again. He called all of the time because he was trying to get back with me. I thought I had blocked him though. Since he didn’t stop bothering me, I wrote the song about him. It’s a true story. But it’s still meant to be fun and colorful.” – Peach PRC exclaimed

Peach PRC launched her TikTok page in 2019 and organically attracted an audience by posting everything from funny moments, self-care advice, and music. A snippet of her first single, “Blondes,” played over the background of a video where she discussed the track’s meaning, and it went viral. The full version eventually amassed over four million streams online via Spotify. Peach maintained this momentum with the follow-up, “Colourblind.” Both tracks, produced by her long-distance ex-boyfriend and producer, racked up another 1.5 million Spotify streams.

“Josh” single

“He’s gonna kill me. I said I’d change it to John. F*** it.” – Peach PRC stated

To date, Peach PRC has built an audience of 1.2 million TikTok followers, generated over 10 million streams, and attracted acclaim from notable media outlets. Also, she recently signed a deal with Republic Records and Island Records Australia. Equally funny and sensitive, Peach PRC holds nothing back when it comes to life’s ups and downs, mental health, and everything in between.

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