Parra for Cuva – “Let It Burn” feat. A Song For You & Beau Diako press photo

Parra for Cuva releases His “Let It Burn” Single Featuring A Song For You & Beau Diako

Parra for Cuva (a.k.a Nicolas Janco, @parra_for_cuva) is a renowned electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist from Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, he released an invigorating indie-pop anthem, “Let It Burn,” featuring the Berlin-based BiPoc choir project, A Song For You, alongside British artist and guitarist, Beau Diako.

Parra for Cuva – “Let It Burn” feat. A Song For You & Beau Diako (Official Visuals)

“‘Let It Burn’ is inspired by ‘Bed on Fire’ by Teddy Swims. When I saw a stripped-down acoustic version of the song, I was impressed and started working on my version right away. I was looking for a choir that could add a gospelesque atmosphere to it. With A Song For You, I luckily found the perfect fit. Also, Beau Diako added some of his magical guitar play. ‘Let It Burn’ is definitely more on the pop-oriented side of my songs, but I am super happy with the result.” – Parra for Cuva stated

“Let It Burn” is a captivating alt-pop ballad, narrating liberation from the past through its compelling chorus: “Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn, let it burn on down.” With shimmery metronome-laden production and lo-fi vocals from A Song For You, the atmosphere gradually intensifies as a symphony of hand claps joins in, skillfully building anticipation and infusing a lively tone.

The pre-chorus amplifies the excitement, introducing percussive elements to create a vibrant tapestry that crescendos into the chorus. The song keeps its lively tempo through its harmonious mixing of bass, drums, vocals, and Beau Diako’s guitar backing. Ultimately, Parra For Cuva’s polished production highlights his promise as one of contemporary music’s leading creative minds.

“Let It Burn” summons further anticipation for “Mimose,” the hitmaker’s upcoming fifth studio album, available on April 19th, 2024.

Parra for Cuva – “Mimose” album

Parra for Cuva - “Mimose” album cover

Mimose” offers listeners a terrain where Caribbean steel drums harmonize with ancient Zimbabwean instruments over melodic soundscapes, creating a 12-track LP that is sure to inspire listeners from across the globe. The project goes hand in hand with his recently announced 2024 international tour, which will take the sought-out artist to major festivals and venues such as Drumsheds in London, Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Beyond the Pale Festival in Dublin, Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, and more.

A Song For You

A Song For You is a dynamic Berlin-based choir and ensemble project. Bringing together over 50 voices from the city’s vibrant R&B and soul scene, the choir boasts a rotating band of 30–50 singers. Founded by singer Noah Slee and creative director Dhanesh Jayaselan, this project serves as a spotlight on the abundant talent within Berlin’s live music scene. With a mission to promote the undiscovered voices of Berlin’s soulful landscape, A Song For You adds a distinct and enriching layer to the heartfelt narrative of “Let It Burn.”

Beau Diako

Guitarist ​​Beau Diako is a versatile artist based in England known for his playful blend of indie, electronic, jazz, and soul influences. With six albums, including Nylon, At the Lake, and Violet, and collaborations with labels like College Music Records and PLATOON, Diako further enriches the emotional narrative of “Let It Burn.”

Parra for Cuva

Parra for Cuva – “Let It Burn” press photo

“It was a pleasure to be asked again by Nicolas to contribute to his next project. He sent me an early version of the idea back in 2022 and I really loved the mood. When I first heard it, I immediately had some ideas of layered, floating guitars that could weave in and out of the track. I recorded, sent it back over and Nicolas soon came back with this amazing, huge, uplifting sounding song.” – Beau Diako stated

Parra for Cuva – known for his distinctive sound that blends analog and digital electronic music production with a diverse array of instruments – has become synonymous with the spirit of wanderlust. His newest project was produced during his recent travels and is subsequently titled after the German Mimose, a flower that blooms in Italy, where the majority of the tracks were brought to life.

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