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Explore Exciting New Worlds with Parra for Cuva’s “Mimose” Single

Parra for Cuva (a.k.a Nicolas Janco, @parra_for_cuva) is a renowned electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist from Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, he returned to captivate global audiences with his new ethereal dance single, “Mimose.”

Parra for Cuva – “Mimose” singe

“Mimose” aims to encapsulate the feeling of being away from home and discovering new places- creating a warm and floral vibe. The song unites celestial vocals with synth-fueled melodies to create a nostalgic and captivating title composition- showcasing Parra for Cuva’s ability to create immersive auditory landscapes to transport listeners to far-away places.

“Mimose” is also the first single and title track from Parra for Cuva’s upcoming fifth studio album, “Mimose,” due to be released in April 2024.

Parra for Cuva – “Mimose” album

Parra for Cuva - “Mimose” album cover

“We spent all in all three wonderful months in Liguria, Italy. Some of the songs were written there, others at home in Berlin, and some on the road. It all started in a garden hut within a little Italian village named Grimaldi- and since then the spirit of this place never left me. I would like to dedicate this album to the beauty of traveling, to friendship and family, to good food and drinks, and of course to the wonderful time we spent in Liguria and that’s why this record is called ‘Mimose.’ Love, Nicolas.” – Parra for Cuva explained

Known for his distinctive sound that blends analog and digital electronic music production with a diverse array of instruments- Parra for Cuva has become synonymous with the spirit of wanderlust. His newest project was produced during his recent travels and is subsequently titled after the German Mimose, a flower that blooms in Italy, where the majority of the tracks were brought to life. The forthcoming sonic journey offers listeners a terrain where Caribbean steel drums harmonize with ancient Zimbabwean instruments over melodic soundscapes, creating a 12-track LP that is sure to inspire listeners from across the globe.

In anticipation of his fifth major album project, “Mimose” delivers an enchanting prelude as to what is yet to come from Parra for Cuva. The project goes hand in hand with his recently announced 2024 international tour, which will take the sought-out artist to major festivals and venues such as Drumsheds in London, Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Beyond the Pale Festival in Dublin, Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, and more.

Tour Dates

MARCH 9 Drumsheds, London, UK

MAY 1 Mojo Club, Hamburg, Germany

MAY 2 Club Bahnhod Ehrenfeld, Cologne, Germany

MAY 3 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

MAY 16 Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain

MAY 17 Changó Club, Madrid, Spain

MAY 18 MusicBox, Lisboa, Portugal

MAY 24 NIEBO, Warszawa, Poland

MAY 25 Ampere Munich, Germany

MAY 26 Plaza Club and Bar, Zürich, Switzerland

MAY 29 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

MAY 30 Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland

MAY 31 La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France

Parra for Cuva

Parra for Cuva press photo
Photo by @maxhartmannphoto

Parra for Cuva has been immersed in the world of sound since a young age. From his first studio in his childhood bedroom to his current studio in Berlin, Cuva has evolved into an explorer of sound, incorporating a rich variety of instruments – from bells to flutes to kalimbas and percussion.

Having already garnered widespread acclaim with chart-topping singles and albums like Majouré (2014), Darwîś (2016), and Paspatou (2018), Parra for Cuva’s name became intrinsically linked with a sense of wanderlust with the release of Juno (2021). This album expanded Parra for Cuva’s global outlook, featuring collaborations with seven musicians from around the world. The senior album project demonstrated that Berlin’s electronic music scene is not limited to hard electronica and techno, offering warm and melancholic analog sounds.

Parra for Cuva

Parra for Cuva press photo
Photo by @maxhartmannphoto

What sets Parra for Cuva apart is not only his musical prowess but also his visually enchanting live sets. Each live performance is a sensorial experience, carefully curated to match the unique and otherworldly aesthetic of his music.

Cuva’s signature performances have resonated on global stages, with performances at renowned festivals such as Burning Man, Sziget, Fusion, Koko London, Concourse Project in Austin, and landed him a set with the French streaming channel Cercle in the breathtaking Cañon del Sumidero, Mexico.

Parra for Cuva’s captivating tracks have also been synced on television’s “The Umbrella Academy” series and commercials with Hyundai and Huge Boss- featuring actor Chris Hemsworth- showcasing the universality of his sound across mediums.

Parra for Cuva – “Mimose” singe

Parra for Cuva - “Mimose” song cover

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