Oxlade - “KATIGORI : PIANO” EP press photo

Dive Deep Into Oxlade’s 2-track EP, “KATIGORI / PIANO”: A Resounding Testament to Oxlade’s Unwavering Ambition

Oxlade is an emerging artist from Lagos, Nigeria. Not too long ago, he released a versatile 2-track EP, “KATIGORI / PIANO.”

Oxlade – “KATIGORI” (Official Video)

“‘KATIGORI’ is a three-year-old record. It was created in a space where I had fame but not success. It was me manifesting where I am now and prophesying my future because I feel like there’s a moment in my music career where everybody will accept that I’m the GOAT.” – Oxlade explained

“KATIGORI” is a resounding testament to Oxlade’s unwavering ambition. The song was created in a space where Oxlade had fame but not success, manifesting where he is now and prophesying his future as one of Afrobeats’ biggest artists. The stunning video was shot in Nigeria and celebrates Oxlade’s cultural roots.

Oxlade – “PIANO” single

“‘PIANO’ is a result of all my fast-paced records that didn’t get the blessings they deserved. Now that I have the audience and numbers, I want to show everyone the fast, club side of Oxlade. ‘PIANO’ is the strongest song I’ve dropped this year MUSICALLY. I want everyone to have 2 sides of the coin, the cautious Oxlade and the party Oxlade.” – Oxlade explained

“PIANO,” produced by hitmaker P-Prime, is a slick love song that blends the soft hits of a log drum, piano, and drums with Oxlade’s signature falsetto and ad-libs.

Displaying his vocal versatility, “KATIGORI/PIANO” follows the global hit, “KU LO SA,” with Camila Cabello.

Oxlade & Camila Cabello – “KU LO SA” Music Video

To date, “KU LO SA” has accumulated over 370M streams and 11M TikTok creations, leading Oxlade to collaborate with Camila Cabello and UK rapper Dave on “INTOXYCATED.”


Oxlade - “KATIGORI : PIANO” EP cover art

“‘PIANO’ is a love song. ‘KATIGORI’ is a statement piece, letting them know that we’re not mates.” – Oxlade explained

“KATIGORI / PIANO” will be featured on Oxlade’s upcoming debut album, “Oxlade From Africa,” available in early 2024.

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