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OFLO drops an intoxicating indie-R&B tune, entitled, “My Way”

OFLO (Olivia Jean Florentino) is a New York-based singer-songwriter and producer from San Francisco, California. Not too long ago, she released an intoxicating indie-R&B tune, entitled, “My Way”, self-produced and written by the artist.

OFLO – “My Way” single

“More than friends, but less than lovers. I don’t really care what you think as long as I get to grip on it. Lick on it, yeah, I’m thinking ‘bout it, sip on it. I let you rip on it, anytime, flip on it. Let it go, let it flow, let it ride. If you wanna dip, we could roll back to mine. If you wanna stay, we could find a little place, just the two of us. Lil misbehave, little talk, little lay. Little rubbin’ on your back on a Friday dreaming of a highway. You and me alive and free to do it my way.” – lyrics

‘My Way’ contains a relatable narrative, easy-going vocals, and rich harmonies. Also, the pleasant tune possesses mellow instrumentation flavored with an indie-R&B vibration.  

“Take pictures of my figure in your memory. Place holders instead of me.”

OFLO press photo
Photo by @natelcohen

“‘My Way’ is meant to evoke the feeling of being intoxicated, both literally and figuratively. It’s about the frustrating feeling that is trying to communicate with and love someone who you can only really talk to when your inhibitions are lowered.” – OFLO stated

OFLO (oh•flow) embraces influences as diverse as Stevie Wonder, Snoh, and Norah Jones. Her “My Way” single serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on her debut project, entitled, “Temporary”.

“Temporary” album

OFLO - “Temporary” album cover

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