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Nissi releases a spectacular African dance tune, entitled, “HOLD”

Nissi is a fast-rising singer-songwriter from Nigeria. Not too long ago, she released a spectacular African-dance tune, entitled, “HOLD,” produced by Telz and Walshy Fire via EMPIRE.

Nissi – “HOLD” music video

“We go back and forth swinging like a pendulum. ‘Round and round in circles, circles, till we collide like Henny in the nighttime. You got me feeling like the world is mine. Hate how you’ve got a hold on me (hold on me). And I can’t release it for the life of me. Is it the way you work your body on me (body on me)? Something just won’t set me free.” – lyrics

‘HOLD’ tells an appealing tale about a young woman who hates the fact that she is under her significant other’s spell. Apparently, her partner’s hold on her is extremely strong and intoxicating. Therefore, she feels drunk, confined, and caught up in a state of rapture. She desperately searches for a way out of her predicament – but she is not able to set herself free. Later, she tells her companion, “I’m locked up in a maze and you’re my captor.”

‘HOLD’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Cuppy and Juliet Ariel. The romance-infused tune possesses vibrant, percussion-driven production flavored with afrobeats, afro-pop, and African dance elements. Furthermore, “Hold” follows on the heels of Nissi’s summer collaboration, entitled, “Ready Or Not,” with exciting London rapper, BackRoad Gee.

Nissi – “HOLD” (Backyard Session) video

Blending both African and European influences, the cross-cultural sound of Nissi reflects the path she has taken in life. Born into a highly creative family in Port Harcourt, Nigeria – her older brother is Burna Boy and her grandfather was Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti’s manager. Nissi lived in England since 2011, first in Bath and then Warwick before settling in East London. With her music career still very much in its infancy, Nissi is already showing signs that she is destined for big things.

“HOLD” single

Nissi – “HOLD” song cover art

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