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Nathy Peluso releases a music video for her “Buenos Aires” single

Nathy Peluso is a Barcelona-based singer-songwriter from Argentina. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Buenos Aires” single.

Nathy Peluso – “Buenos Aires” music video

“It’s starting to bother me that the city is getting cold. I keep snoozing that alarm clock. Tired of waiting, smoking by myself on the balcony. Imagining that someone comes to look for me. I know that heavy sensation of solitude. But who are we waiting for? Cheap melancholy on the TV. Where does what we pray for go?” – lyrics

The quarantined audiovisual finds Nathy Peluso reminiscing about her childhood in Argentina. Also, she shares preserved footage from her youth, paired with current day-to-day elements of her singing in her current Barcelona home.

Furthermore, Peluso recruited the backing band for Argentine legend Spinetta (sampled recently on Eminem‘s new LP). Plus, she recorded the song in his mythical Buenos Aires studio, La Diosa Salvaje. The musicians included Javier Malosetti (Bass), Guillermo Arrom (Guitar), Sergio Verdineli (Drums), Rafa Arcaute (Producer/Synths), and Andres Beeuwsaert (Rhodes).

“Recording this song in Spinetta’s studio was an emotional journey. To be accompanied by such immense musicians, who were also his companions, was a gift.” – Nathy Peluso

“We all look at each other when it rains in the city.”

Nathy Peluso photo

“We are in a moment to connect with what is important and I hope that this song will serve as a vessel for that. While composing this song, I found myself inhabiting a musical moment in Argentina, music that has accompanied me since I was little. It reminded me of the feeling when I listen to ‘Viernes 3 am’, the feeling of being at home. This is a sincere song, traveling deep inside of me and singing with my heart in my hand.” – Nathy Peluso

Nathy Peluso (780k followers) grew up surrounded by music, with artists like Ray Charles, Joao Gilberto, D’Angelo, Ella Fitzgerald, and Atahualpa Yupanqui on the stereo.

Her “Buenos Aires” single contains a nostalgic vibe, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses infectious instrumentation flavored with Latino Pop, contemporary R&B, and jazz elements. Furthermore, “Buenos Aires” follows hot on the heels of Nathy Peluso’s “Business Woman” single.

Nathy Peluso – “Business Woman” music video

‘Business Woman’ was accompanied by a Bradley & Pablo-directed music video. Also, the song was produced by Rafa Arcaute, Pedro Campos and Fede Vindver (an Argentine musician who worked on Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King”, Missy Elliott, and Mariah Carey. These two songs preview Nathy’s debut album which will be released later this year. Previous hit, “La Sandunguera”, has more than 25M total streams.

“Buenos Aires” single

Nathy Peluso - “Buenos Aires” cover

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