Eminem + Beyoncé

Eminem releases a music video for “Walk On Water” single ft. Beyoncé

Eminem is a popular rapper from St. Joseph, MO. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Walk On Water”, an iconic single from his “Revival” album featuring Beyoncé.

Eminem – “Walk On Water”

The video features only Eminem. But Beyoncé’s vocals set the tone and add soul to Eminem’s heartfelt message. It feels like Em is preaching a testimonial sermon and Beyoncé is in the choir singing a hymn so beautiful that angels are kneeling beside her feet.

Beyoncé Lyrics

“I walk on water but I ain’t no Jesus. I walk on water but only when it freezes. ‘Cause I’m only human, just like you. Making my mistakes, oh if you only knew. I don’t think you should believe in me the way that you do. ‘Cause I’m terrified to let you down.”


Eminem + Beyoncé

“Kids look to me as a god, this is retarded. If only they knew, it’s a facade and it’s exhaustive. And I try to not listen to nonsense. But if you bitches are tryin’ to strip me of my confidence. Mission accomplished. I’m not God-sent, Nas, Rakim, Pac, B.I.G., James Todd Smith. And I’m not Prince.”

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