Natalie Carr press photo by Jamie Malynne
Photo by Jamie Malynne

Natalie Carr releases a music video for her self-pity party anthem, entitled, “Sad Little Rant”

Natalie Carr is a North Carolina-based singer-songwriter from Stamford, Connecticut. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her self-pity party anthem, entitled, “Sad Little Rant”.

Natalie Carr – “Sad Little Rant” music video

“Sorry left the party, I’ll be back in a sitch. Hey, I meant it when I said it but I’m anxious as sh*t. You see his new girl isn’t drinking, why can’t I be that b*tch? I’m so awkward when I’m thinking, guess it is what it is. I microdose Ketamine. Broken homemade broken bottles if you know what I mean. The realest sh*t I ever write are these sad little rants.” – lyrics

‘Sad Little Rant’ tells a bittersweet tale of a lonely young woman who is slowly fading away. Apparently, she wants to make her father proud by making something out of herself. Even though she’s trying to do better, she still feels she’s fake and considers herself “the world’s biggest b*tch”.

‘Sad Little Rant’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the emotional tune possesses moody instrumentation flavored with urban-pop and contemporary R&B elements. Furthermore, “Sad Little Rant” offers a raw and honest take on how society’s standards can often leave one feeling deflated.

Natalie Carr

Natalie Carr press photo

“Not every sentiment expressed in the song is about me personally. But more so about all of us feeling like we aren’t measuring up to some standard in life and how draining that can be. When I look closely at myself and my friends, it’s not super surprising that a lot of us turn to substance abuse and develop poor mental health as a result of unrealistic expectations set upon us. In some way, I feel like ‘Sad Little Rant’ embodies that. I wrote this at a time where I felt like things were happening around me (and to me) while my personal wants and wishes weren’t really delivering (i.e. writing ‘happy’ upbeat songs, failed romantic relationships, financial trouble). I hope to continue to release records that are similarly vulnerable and revealing.” – Natalie Carr

Natalie Carr is a 2017 graduate of Duke University. She grew up playing the guitar and piano, but songwriting was her true safe haven. She draws musical inspiration from artists like Tove Lo, Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, and Lauv. And her vocal style is similar to that of Alessia Cara and Kehlani‘s. Carr’s dreams of one day developing a platform dedicated to various social issues and causes.

“Sad Little Rant” single

Natalie Carr - “Sad Little Rant” cover

“Trying real, real hard, I’m making strides. Who the f*ck isn’t? Mean if failure’s just an option, I raise a white flag high. I hold it up, it’s blowing in the sky.” lyrics

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