Nadeska Alexis interviews Peso Pluma via Apple Music Live
Nadeska Alexis / Apple Music Live

Nadeska Alexis interviews música mexicana superstar Peso Pluma via Apple Music Live

Ahead of his Apple Music Live performance, música mexicana superstar Peso Pluma had a candid conversation with Nadeska Alexis on location at Anaheim’s Honda Center. During the interview, Pluma talked about the magic he feels connecting with U.S. audiences across his sold-out “Doble P” tour, and how Kanye West and A$AP Rocky have influenced his music and showmanship. Also, he talked about why he thinks live instruments set his show apart, and how he views the past, present, and future of música mexicana and more.

Peso Pluma’s ‘GÉNESIS’ Tour | Apple Music Live

Peso’s performance at the Honda Center in Anaheim marks the final stop of his “Doble P” tour that brought his global sound to fans live in the U.S. for the first time this year. The full performance of the sold-out show will debut on Wednesday, December 6, at 7:00 pm PST / 10:00 pm EST exclusively via Apple Music at and Apple TV+. Fans can also stream the Apple Music Live performance anytime on-demand on both Apple Music and Apple TV+.

Why live instruments are a big part of Peso Pluma’s shows?

Peso Pluma: “The instruments are a big part of our show because none of what we play is a playback or it’s just pista, how we sing in Spanish. It’s just the music and just the artist singing on top of it. It feels natural, and it feels organic, and I think that’s what people like the most of my show. So, I guess it’s the biggest important thing on one of Peso Pluma shows, the live instruments.”

Peso Pluma on his favorite tour memories

PP: “The first show was very special. New York City was crazy too, because New York has a lot of variety of a lot of cultures. And it was special for me seeing all these people from all over America, not only in Mexico, just a lot of people from different countries singing my songs. And New York was special. Miami too was very special. They’re just– I cannot just pick one. This is what life brought me, and this is how I’m going to live.”

Peso Pluma on the pride he feels his music brings to the música mexicana genre and how he plans to set up the next generation of artists

PP: “We are proud, and we are really proud to represent our country and the Mexican flag in every country and every city we go…I see a lot of evolution. In general, I see a lot of new talent coming up and a whole new generation that’s trying to represent Mexico the right way. And I think we are just following a path that a lot of Mexican artists… paved the way so we can just put our car there and just follow the path, and we are doing the same for the next generation. So that’s amazing.”

Collaborating with A$AP Rocky

PP: “It’s a dream come true. I’ve never thought that I would meet with ASAP, who was one of my biggest inspirations growing up. And just getting to the studio and getting to know him is a really beautiful experience to me.”

Growing up admiring Kanye West’s showmanship

PP: “Yeah. Kanye West was a big part of me when I was a kid, and just watching him perform and watching him winning all these awards. He just motivated me to build that different character, to build an artist, a showman.”

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