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MXMS releases a haunting emo-alternative tune, entitled, “What’s My Name”

MXMS (Me and My Shadow) consists of singer Ariel Levitan and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Dawson. Not too long ago, they released a haunting emo-alternative tune, entitled, “What’s My Name”.

MXMS – “What’s My Name” single

“My momma had sex, made a mess she regrets. I’ve been through enough sh*t, just leave me alone. Boy, what’s my name? Is it sl*t? Am I strange? Girl, what’s my name? Is it weirdo? Am I gay? Teacher, why are you laughing at me. Laughing at me again?” – lyrics

‘What’s My Name’ tells the disturbing tale of a depressed young girl who regrets being born. Oftentimes, she cries when no one else is around, and her insecurities make her feel inadequate in social environments. Later, she experiences suicidal thoughts. To end her unhappiness, she contemplates blowing her brains to smithereens.


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“I was the painfully shy girl in school that used to walk the hallways hugging the wall. And I prayed that no one would notice me. I would constantly hope that one day I wouldn’t be seen as a moving target. Because I know what it’s like to eat lunch in a bathroom stall. I know what it’s like to want to fit in so desperately that you’ll do just about anything.” – Ariel Levitan

‘What’s My Name’ was released in observance of World Suicide Prevention Day and deals with that sensitive subject matter. The moving tune is auto-biographical, for both Levitan and Dawson. The narrative describes the intrusive thoughts of a young girl who was left behind by her biological parents. Now, she must grapple with her fears and insecurities while enduring relentless bullying on a daily basis.

MXMS – Teaser Video

“This song is a snapshot into the racing mind in harrowing and traumatizing moments. Words pierce, feelings get hurt, and we are left desperate for solutions. There is a solution; and that is love. We decided a long time ago that we wanted to release our new song on September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day.” – Ariel Levitan

MXMS has been working on “What’s My Name” for a very long time. The duo hopes their timely message will impact those who have shared similar experiences. The song contains a relatable storyline, heart-piercing tenor vocals, and piano-driven instrumentation scented with an alternative-pop aroma.

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“It is our sincere hope that this song spreads awareness around the grave consequences of bullying. There is hope after bullying. We salute anyone who has persevered through the darkness. Let’s continue the conversation, speak the truth and conquer all hatred through the darkness.” – Ariel Levitan

2019 has been a standout year for MXMS. Not too long ago, they released their critically acclaimed debut EP, entitled, “Funeral Pop I”, featuring the singles “Paris” and “Salvation Hurts“.

So far, MXMS’s music has amassed millions of streams online while they crisscrossed the country on a successful summer tour with She Wants Revenge. We recommended adding their “What’s My Name” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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