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MrImSooFlyy talks about creating comedic content via social media

MrImSooFlyy is a rising actor/comedian outta Long Island, New York. Not too long ago, he talked with De La True (The Art Senses) about how he got involved in creating comedic content via social media. Also, during The Passion Space episode, ImSooFlyy discussed his inspirations and future goals. 


De La True: When you are creating the content or art, is it just you writing? Who’s writing the scripts for the videos?

MrImSooFlyy: There are no scripts. Everything is strictly improvisation off the dome, freestyling everything.

De la True: Even the people you are working with?

MrImSooFlyy: Even the people we are working with. Sometimes, I come up with an idea and I be like shoot this…or…I got an idea, I want you to do this. Also, I’ll be like alright, I think I know what to do. And then here comes…perfection…or…something that’s great.

De la True: I can definitely appreciate your videos a whole lot more now. I never knew that.

MrImSooFlyy: Yeah, nothing is scripted…

After the interview, ImSooFlyy took a few pictures wearing our distressed hat. Check out the photos below and share them via social media.

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