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Midnight Pool Party releases a funky electronic tune, entitled, “With You”

Midnight Pool Party (Oliver and Morilla) is a duo from Sydney, Australia. Not too long ago, they released a funky electronic/dance tune, entitled, “With You”.

Midnight Pool Party – “With You”

“The song is about going through trials and tribulations with a person but knowing that they are the person you should be with or want to make things work with.” – Midnight Pool Party

‘With You’ tells a tale of a guy who struggles with issues inside a problematic relationship which he shares with his significant other.

The bittersweet tune contains a relatable storyline and ear-welcoming vocals. Also, the vibey instrumentation possesses grooving percussion, alluring pads, and swooning guitars.

Midnight Pool Party - “With You” artwork

“Back in 2014, we rented a house for the weekend in the bush and we wrote a bunch of songs. ‘With You’ was one of the demos that came out of that weekend. But it was left with no title, and no lyrics, just a chord progression, a general structure, and a rough melody. We filed it away, but every now and then we would revisit the track and each time we knew that it was going to be something in the future. We revisited the track when we were writing songs for this EP and everything just started falling in place. In terms of the production and mixing, you can really tell how much we have grown as producers and songwriters since we wrote the demo in 2014.” – Midnight Pool Party

Get acquainted with Midnight Pool Party’s music by streaming their “MOTIONS” EP.


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