Midnight Pool Party - “USE ME” press photo

Midnight Pool Party Drops a Groovy Disco-Dance Single, “USE ME”

Midnight Pool Party (Oliver and Morilla @midnightpoolparty) is a duo from Sydney, Australia. Not too long ago, they released a lovely disco-dance single, “USE ME.”

Midnight Pool Party – “USE ME” single

“When you touch me I lose self-control, I don’t know what to do. I would let you do what you want to my body, I am yours to use. Kiss me, touch me, use me. One day, you’ll be mine when the stars all align. Until then, I’ll let the tension play out between us.” – lyrics

“USE ME” is a perfect blend of funky basslines, catchy melodies, and soulful vocals that will transport you to the dancefloor in an instant. The lyrics paint a picture of desire and attraction. “USE ME” captures the exhilarating feeling of meeting someone who draws your attention with lines like “I came here on my own ’cause I knew that you would be here” and “It’s you I want, nobody else.”

As the chorus kicks in, the lyrics become even more enticing, expressing a willingness to surrender to the moment and let go of inhibitions. It’s a seductive invitation that adds an extra layer of intensity to the song, which finds Midnight Pool Party sliding back into a classic MPP-disco sound with sass and sex appeal. The infectious, groovilicious atmosphere will resonate with Disclosure, Hayden James, and Purple Disco Machine supporters.

“I ain’t scared of the unknown, I’ve got nothing to lose or fear.”

Midnight Pool Party - “USE ME” press photo

“After releasing three upbeat club bangers last year, we decided to change direction this year to our more classic MPP disco-esque sound. This one definitely has more of a sultry and sexy vibe to it. Our previous songs were ultimately about taking back control of your own life and direction, but this one is about giving your control to someone else specifically sexually (and with consent of course). It’s about meeting someone who excites you and makes you feel comfortable to give yourself to them and let them drive and take control of you and your body. It’s sexy without being slutty.” – Midnight Pool Party explained

Midnight Pool Party’s music is characterized by their ability to create a seamless fusion of disco, funk, and electronic elements. Their sound is infectious, and it’s hard to resist the urge to dance along when their tracks start playing.

Midnight Pool Party

Midnight Pool Party - “USE ME” press photo

If you’re in the mood for some groovy tunes and a night of non-stop dancing, be sure to check out Midnight Pool Party. With their infectious energy and irresistible beats, they are sure to make your next party a memorable one.

Midnight Pool Party – “USE ME” single

Midnight Pool Party - “USE ME” artwork

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