Maty Noyes - “Ambience & Applepie” press photo

Maty Noyes releases a lovely lyric visualizer for her brand-new single, entitled, “Ambience & Applepie”

Maty Noyes is an LA-based, multi-genre singer-songwriter from Corinth, Mississippi. Not too long ago, she released a lovely lyric visualizer for her brand-new single, titled, “Ambience & Applepie.”

Maty Noyes – “Ambience & Applepie” lyric video

“‘Ambience and Apple Pie’ embodies the energy of someone who has never fit into the norm but owns that sh*t. It’s about being a f****** boss, taking the risks. For me, it was leaving a small town and following my dreams against all odds. I’ve always kinda been the boss daddy of my friend group. I like taking care of people, but it’s definitely not limited to one kind of way and sometimes to my detriment.

Growing up, I was prescribed Adderall at a very young age. After some time, I became more of a pot head and occasionally I would trade my friends some of my Adderall for their weed. Close girlfriends, bad a$$ b*tches. We would take it and get so much sh*t done. Not all trades are done in money. There are many forms of currency in this world, and I love trading goods for goods. Even if they’re innocent.” – Maty Noyes explained

Maty Noyes has a knack for stories, love of life, sharp tongue, and sultry voice has followed her internal muse past expectations, conventions, and boundaries. She moves to the beat of her own drum and is a true force to be reckoned with.

Maty Noyes

Maty Noyes - “Ambience & Applepie” press photo

“So essentially, this song is about all my friends getting hooked on my Adderall. But it’s also very light. Latin-pop inspired. A song that you can get down to and dance to, perfect for the summertime. We all have to find ways in life to be our own bosses and work with what we’ve got and the system we’re given. I know that’s how it’s going to go so the chiller I can be to just roll with the waves of life, the better.

It’s incredible what happens when a room of creative people with ADHD take Adderall together. You wouldn’t believe the focus. I’m not condoning for people to do drugs or try to get their friends hooked on things AT ALL, it’s just a random little story in my life that my friends and I laugh about now from a time that we were in quarantine and desperate to try anything. No one is currently hooked, but it’s funny how a small random idea like that can inspire a song that ultimately has such a deeper meaning of what it means to struggle, come from nothing, make your own way in life, be a boss about it, own it, and take it as it goes, with grace.” – Maty Noyes explained

‘Ambience & Applepie’ is the second single from Maty Noyes’ forthcoming project, Rainbow Syndrome, which will also feature the project’s first single, “Lighter Thief.”

Maty Noyes – “Lighter Thief” single

“I can’t move on from something in my life until I’ve written a song about it – happy, sad, confusion, any emotion. And I don’t hold anything back, it’s always truthful and vulnerable. Every song I’ve written for this latest project, ‘Rainbow Syndrome,’ is based on a real story. It’s all completely authentic to me, without the opinions and criticism of people who don’t even make music for a living.” – Maty Noyes explained

Maty left small-town life and moved to Nashville at just 16 years old. She quickly garnered attention from all the right people, landed a deal with Lava Records, and found herself working with some of music’s biggest names.

After meeting The Weeknd through their mutual producer, Stephen Moccio, Maty was subsequently featured on “Angel,” the closing track on The Weeknd’s 2015 Grammy-winning #1 album, “Beauty Behind the Madness.” In 2016, Maty was featured with Kygo on the song, “Stay,” which introduced her to an international audience. To date, “Stay” has well over 500 million streams on Spotify alone.

Maty Noyes

Maty Noyes - “Ambience & Applepie” press photo

Maty Noyes established her early signature sound with the release of her debut EP, “Noyes Complaint.” The much-acclaimed EP featured the fan-favorite, “In My Mind,” which has about 130 million streams on Spotify. Her next project, “Love Songs From A Lolita,” earned her endorsements from notable media outlets.

In 2021, Maty released her debut album, “The Feeling’s Mutual,” with MITS Records. On the project, she shows off her funkier side, proving that she’ll never allow herself to be associated with just one genre. Now, Maty is committed to sustain a music career that connects people from all walks of life.

Maty Noyes – “Ambience & Applepie” single

Maty Noyes - “Ambience & Applepie” cover art

“I don’t believe in limits. Any day I go into the studio, I could come out with something disco or super poppy, or it could be a soul song. I am all about pushing boundaries, breaking through limitations, and avoiding boxes. For me, I want contradictions to define me. Because contradictions challenge me to be undefinable, to be more tomorrow than I am today.” – Maty Noyes explained

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