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Love You Later releases a brand-new single, entitled, “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?”

Love You Later is the solo project of Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Lexi Aviles. Not too long ago, she released a brand-new single, titled, “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?

Love You Later – “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?”

‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die?’ finds a vulnerable Love You Later seeking a positive response from someone who has the power to disrupt her emotions. The semi-cloudy tune sprinkles a little bit of rain on Love You Later’s expectancy when another rejection buries her six feet deeper than she ought to be. With a wounded heart, she addresses her rejector, “Will I be worth a mention if I make it in the credits? Will you finally pay attention when you hear I’m on my deathbed?”

‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die?’ is dark and relatable with feelings of perseverance. Pairing electric melodies with honest lyrics, the song shines brightly with shimmery guitar riffs and euphoric synths. Also, “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?” is for anyone who has ever been rejected before. You know the feeling—anger, anxiety, depression, jealousy, and sadness. Whatever the results might be, the ugly truth is dealing with rejection is hard work, until you hear “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?” Then you will understand that rejection is a part of life. So, grow from your experiences, and don’t let rejections define who you are or who you are becoming.

Love You Later

Love You Later - “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?” press photo

“I wrote ‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die’ in the midst of a time where I was drowning in rejection from the music industry, and in the real world. No one seemed to care or listen or take me seriously. I realized that the attention from these people was not worth my time or energy, and ultimately did not define me. The song is a constant reminder to myself to regain my voice and power to tell my own story. The ones that are meant to notice, will notice. Ultimately, it’s a song for anyone who feels insignificant and undermined.” – Love You Later explained

At just 24 years old, Love You Later has already amassed over 8 million streams across her discography. She has performed with acts like OneRepublic, Dayglow, Briston Maroney, and joan. Not too long ago, she sold out Nashville’s legendary EXIT/IN. Her “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?” single will be featured on her forthcoming EP, entitled, “From The Window Seat,” available on May 5th, 2023. The song follows the EP’s lead single, “Girl With Headphones.”

Love You Later – “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?”

Love You Later - “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?” cover art

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