Lois Rae press photo
Photo by Emilia Harker

Lois Rae releases a delightful pop tune, entitled, “SWIM,” featuring Tike

Lois Rae is a singer-songwriter and model from the UK. Not too long ago, she released an appealing music video for her delightful pop tune, entitled, “SWIM,” featuring East London rapper, Tike. The song finds Lois continuing her successful synergy with world-renowned producer, Manon Dave (will.i.am, Che Lingo).

Lois Rae – “SWIM” music video feat. Tike

“We just really gotta stop the commotion, going with the flow, we’re in motion. Gotta let it out in the open ‘cause this is just a drop in the ocean. SWIM. Independent woman so I’ma spoil me. Mai Tai sippin’, uber driven, like I’m royalty. Only ride with homies, boy, I keep that loyalty. Still independent so I keep my royalties.” – lyrics

In an industry where it’s difficult to stay afloat, Lois Rae manages to ‘SWIM’ above the rest with her latest offering. The likable tune is layered with dreamy synths and bouncy percussions that are topped off with some sensual-sounding brass instrumentation. The underlying message of the track is about rising above bad energy and making the best out of every situation you may encounter.

Lois Rae sings with clarity, “Floating over all of this negativity and I just wanna know when we can enjoy life and live it carefree.” Later, Tike chimes in, “Just tryna stay afloat, we’re in the same boat, so stop rocking it.” Lois floating and Tikes staying afloat signifies that both artists currently have their heads above water. And “SWIM” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from them in the near future as they continue to release new and exciting music.

Lois Rae

Lois Rae press photo
Photo by Emilia Harker

“I just did a Mazza in Ibiza. EasyJet life and I put that on my visa. Ease up, I’m just doing me. Living like a diva, Tina. Turning L’s into wins, I’m a dreamer.” – lyrics

Lois Rae has been making waves within the music scene for some time now. Her unique blend of ‘90s R&B, contemporary production, immaculate vocals, and a secret love for classical music, all come together to create her one-of-a-kind style. After the release of her previous single, “Mind,” the momentum surrounding Lois has been phenomenal. Her futuristic flair and alternative style have helped her garner attention from major media platforms. Also, her other previously released singles have become a favorite on countless radio stations, receiving support from BBC 1Xtra, Kiss FM, BBC Asian Network, and BBC Introducing.


Tike press photo

“Swim, swimming I’m wavin’. Too much jail never did enough ravin’. Think that there’s no option when you’ve got problems. But they’re as big as you’ve made ’em. Ex in your head was he worth your sanity? Now you’ve got a f*** boy allergy. Moved way too fast and you ain’t Hugh Grant, you weren’t in love actually. No one ain’t stopping this vibe, nobody would try if they knew how much man wanted it. Gotta stay positive, been through a lot of sh*t. Come too far for the politics. Can’t get the bigger picture when you live on Insta, and you keep on croppin’ it.”

Tike is set to have an eventful 2022, having recently secured a deal with Rudimental’s publishing company, Major Toms. Also, he just released his debut single, “Be The One,” with  Rudimental, Morgan, and Digga D. Tike spent 2021 building up by lending his songwriting skills to other artists. So far, he has worked on tracks with Aitch, RV, Rudimental, and Morgan.

“SWIM” single

Lois Rae - “SWIM” song cover art

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