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Lo Boii releases an appetizing debut EP, entitled, “Sex Doesn’t Sell… Anymore”

Lo Boii is an alternative-R&B duo hailing from Philadelphia and Cleveland. Not too long ago, they released an appetizing debut EP, entitled, “Sex Doesn’t Sell… Anymore”. The 7-track project features Lo Boii’s previously released singles, entitled, “Floor Seats”, “Sweeter”, and “Chakra”.

Lo Boii – “Sex Doesn’t Sell… Anymore” EP

Lo Boii - “Sex Doesn’t Sell… Anymore” EP cover art

“‘Sex Doesn’t Sell…Anymore’ is really our observation of the cultural landscape of today. Where you have successful artists of all shapes, sizes, genders, religions, etc., that don’t need to exploit sex to sell their art. Today, showing ass doesn’t feel like THE guaranteed marketing strategy. In regards to the theme of the EP, it’s definitely consistent throughout sonically because there aren’t too many cooks in the kitchen. But like we said, the EP title is just an observation, nothing more.” – Lo Boii stated via an interview with Rated R&B

‘Sex Doesn’t Sell… Anymore’ takes listeners on an enjoyable sonic journey through familiar territories enriched with soulful melodies. Also, the project possesses lush instrumentation flavored with contemporary R&B, retro-soul, and electro-funk elements.

Lo Boii

Lo Boii press photo

Lo Boii consists of Aalias (producer, writer) and Corey Latif (writer, vocalist). Aalias is a co-producer of Eminem’s and Rihanna’s Grammy-winning single, entitled, “The Monster”. He co-produced DJ Snake’s and Bipolar Sunshine’s worldwide hit, entitled, “Middle”. Also, he lent a hand in producing for Bebe Rexha, Melanie Martinez, Kevin Garrett, Robin Schulz, and Ro James. Corey Latif, mentored by Teddy Pendergrass, is a two-time Grammy-nominated songwriter. He has written for Usher (Crash), The Roots, Saint Jhn, Snakehips, Two Feet, and Chris Brown.

Get acquainted with Lo Boii’s music by streaming their “Sex Doesn’t Sell… Anymore” EP via Apple.

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