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LLusion releases a nostalgic electronic tune, entitled, “walk but in a garden”, featuring mxmtoon

LLusion (pronounced “loo-zhuhn”) is an artist and producer based in Orange, California. Not too long ago, he released a nostalgic electronic tune, entitled, “walk but in a garden”, featuring Bay area artist, mxmtoon.

LLusion – “walk but in a garden” single featuring mxmtoon

“It’s always just been a feel-good song. Every time I hear the first piano chord, it automatically makes me think about last summer and how my life changed forever. ‘walk but in a garden’ has a lot of meaning to me. I love what mxmtoon does. She’s singing a beautiful verse on it. With her on it, it sounds complete, like it was meant to be this way all along.” – LLusion

‘walk but in a garden’ contains a relatable narrative, nostalgic vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the fan-favorite tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with a warm electro-pop aroma. Furthermore, “walk but in a garden” serves as a wonderful presentation to what type of music listeners can expect to hear on LLusion’s upcoming mixtape. So far, the original instrumental version of “walk but in a garden” has accumulated over 16 million streams online via Spotify.


LLusion press photo

“The music is a Yin and Yang. You could study all night to it, or you can freakin’ dance all night to it. I apply elements of pop, funk, soul, hip-hop, and electronic and make something of my own.” – LLusion stated

LLusion architects dreamy soundscapes rooted in bold beat-craft, toasty warm samples, and delicate electronic alchemy. Yet he creates from a place of pure passion for everything from timeless 64-bit video games to classic jazz. Recently, he has gained attention for his remixes of artists like 24kGoldn and Selena Gomez. Also, he has accumulated over 50 million streams online, nearly 100 million TikTok views, and countless user-generated clips.

LLusion works side-by-side with his wife and creative confidant who remains integral to every move. Not only does she oversee branding, artwork, and aesthetics, but she fuels the engine for his careful strategy.

“She’s 50-50 a part of the LLusion brand. She helped me tremendously when it came to TikTok. She kept me on a regiment with new content all of the time and guided me. I married my high school sweetheart, and we’ve been together ever since. If she wasn’t part of this, I wouldn’t be here today.” – LLusion

“walk but in a garden” single

LLusion - “walk but in a garden” cover art

“Ever since I started making beats, my number one goal was to inspire people to do music too. I want everyone to get to know who I am and my character. I hope they see the type of person I am mixed with the music I make, the passion I have for it, and the heart I put into it. I’ve gotten countless messages from kids who have connected to what I’m doing. If I die tomorrow, I’ll feel like I made it.” – LLusion


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