LLusion - “Sad4good” cover

LLusion releases an animated lyric video for his “Sad4good” single featuring Cautious Clay & HXNS

LLusion (pronounced “loo-zhuhn”) is an artist and producer based in Orange, California. Not too long ago, he released an animated lyric video for his “Sad4good” single featuring NYC-based singer-songwriter Cautious Clay and Bay Area producer HXNS.

LLusion – “Sad4good” lyric video featuring Cautious Clay & HXNS

“Making ‘Sad4good’ was a great experience. It was initially an idea for a side project with HXNS. But then when I sent it to LLusion, he ended up running with it in a different way. It was a lot of fun stepping out on this one.” – Cautious Clay stated

‘Sad4good’ contains a relatable narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses funky groove-laden instrumentation flavored with a vibey electro-R&B aroma. Furthermore, “Sad4good” serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on LLusion’s upcoming mixtape.


LLusion press photo

“Ever since I started making beats, my number one goal was to inspire people to do music too. I want everyone to get to know who I am and my character. I hope they see the type of person I am mixed with the music I make. Also, the passion I have for it and the heart I put into it. I’ve gotten countless messages from kids who have connected to what I’m doing. If I die tomorrow, I’ll feel like I made it.” – LLusion stated

LLusion recently gained attention for his remixes of artists like 24kGoldn and Selena Gomez on TikTok. His previous single was a collaboration with mxmtoon on “walk but in a garden”. For as new school as his sound may be, the love behind LLusion might be as old school as it gets. He creates from a place of pure passion for everything from timeless 64-bit video games to classic jazz. So far, he has accumulated over 50 million streams online, nearly 100 million TikTok views, and countless user-generated clips.

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