Leila Lopes + Miss Universe 2011

Leila Lopes launches her diasporic record label, entitled, “The Uprise”

Leila Lopes is a public figure/business executive from Benguela, Angola. She was crowned Miss Universe in 2011. Not too long ago, she launched her diasporic record label, entitled, The Uprise.

Lopes, known for her business prowess and entrepreneurial flair, plans on uniting nations through the universal language of music. Also, she wants to usher elements of Brazilian (Baile), funk, kuduro, and hip-hop into the UK’s world of grime.

Leila Lopes

Leila Lopes

“The idea behind the music is to make uplifting, unique, meaningful music in this era where so much sounds the same. Also, it’s to try and connect people from all different cultures and backgrounds because we understand music is universal.” – Leila Lopes

Lopes’ London-based record label already has a roster of diverse artists equipped to challenge the paradigm of mainstream music. Their first signings include all-around performer, Grace Rhodes, who merges pop sensibilities with diasporic production, and underground star Andi McErnest.

Producers extraordinaire MikesPro and Zeeko complete a roster of burgeoning talent drawing on influences from across the globe. These first waves of signings underscore the Uprise’s ambition to be a launchpad for emerging artists.

Leila Lopes 

Leila Lopes

“There’s an uprise coming…we break the chains of everything you know.”

In conclusion, Leila Lopes smashes the typical stereotype and expectations for a beauty queen. When she isn’t competing in beauty pageants, she’s rallying for awareness of HIV/AIDS. Also, she’s changing the game and represents part of the new wave of powerful and influential women.

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