Leah Kate - “Veronica” press photo

Leah Kate releases an enticing lyric video for her “Veronica” single

Leah Kate is an independent singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released an enticing lyric video for her “Veronica” single.

Leah Kate – “Veronica” lyric video

“I went to the bar last night. I just came to have a good time. Ran into a friend of a friend. Little did I know that’s where the fun begins. Just about lost my mind. I can’t wait to hear the lies. This sh*t’s gonna blow your mind. Know you love a good surprise, don’t you? Well, last night I met Veronica. We talked and turns out we got one thing in common—You. Bet you nevеr thought I’d meet her.” – lyrics

‘Veronica’ tells an intriguing tale about a young woman who encounters the woman her significant other is cheating on her with. Apparently, the woman’s name is Veronica; she’s cute looking with skinny legs that fit perfectly in her Prada boots. Later, an unexpected turn of events happened when the young woman makes Veronica her new best friend.

“Hated on the way you kiss, such a big ego and such a little, ooh.”

Leah Kate - “Veronica” press photo

“No matter what kind of song I’m releasing, whether it’s a disco dance-pop song or just me on guitar, the lyrics have to matter and be very truthful to my life.” – Leah Kate stated

Leah Kate recently went viral on TikTok and Spotify (40+ countries) with her banger, “F*** Up The Friendship,” which racked up over 40 million plays without any major label support. Also, Kate was recently profiled by Rolling Stone for practically running her own label from her bedroom and partnering with Alexis Ohanian (founder of Reddit) and his company, Indify. A true definition of a go-getter, Kate is her own manager, creative director, A&R, label head, artist, publicist, marketing strategist, all in one.

“Veronica” single

Leah Kate - “Veronica” song cover

‘Veronica’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and an intoxicating pop melody. The likable tune possesses funky bass-infused instrumentation flavored with contemporary and electro-pop elements. Furthermore, “Veronica” is an excellent summer tune to groove to while kicking the cheaters in your life to the curb.

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