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Leah Kate releases a bittersweet pop tune, entitled, “Left With A Broken Heart”

Leah Kate is a rising singer-songwriter based in New York City. Not too long ago, she released a bittersweet pop tune, entitled, “Left With A Broken Heart”.

Leah Kate – “Left With A Broken Heart”

“When you was so young, the start was so easy. It seems like you were the one but we got so greedy. Promises made to break, guess it was my mistake believing that we were different from everyone else. Guess I was dreaming.” – lyrics

‘Left With A Broken Heart’ tells a sentimental tale of a young woman who struggles to cope with a broken heart.

Apparently, once upon a time, she shared a romantic relationship with a guy who she desired to spend the rest of her life with. But as they grew older in age, their relationship started to diminish.  Eventually, they grew apart, and now the woman is left with a broken heart after their emotional breakup.

‘Left With A Broken Heart’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and slow-burning instrumentation seasoned with a commercial pop aroma.

Leah Kate – “Left With A Broken Heart”

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“This song means a lot to me because it was written during a time in my life when a close family member of mine was going through a serious breakup. I resonate with the feelings of others a lot especially when they’re close to me. So I wrote this song from his perspective after watching what he went through in order to help him cope with the heartbreak.” – Leah Kate

Leah Kate grew up in Los Angeles and later relocated to New York City, where she found success.

So far, her music has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams online via Spotify, cementing her as an artist to watch this year.

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