Leaf - “Fashion B*tch” photo

Leaf releases a music video for her “Fashion B*tch” single

Leaf is a 24-year-old rapper and model from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Fashion B*tch” single, produced by Cito On The Beat.

Leaf – “Fashion B*tch” music video

“Fendi bag, Birkin bag, I just popped another tag. Chanelli on my body, Breesh thic make my pants sag. I can’t leave the crib without at least 10 racks in my pocket. All these flashing lights ‘cause I’m a f*ckin’ baddie. I’m a fashion b*tch, you know u like it, Zaddy.” – lyrics

The Steven Gomillion-directed audiovisual depicts Leaf’s unabashed confidence, progressive mindset, and her connection to the fashion world. Also, the video overall style gives a nod to gender fluidity and celebrates the broadened spectrum of sexuality.

‘Fashion Bitch’ contains a dress-to-kill narrative. Also, the likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with hip-hop and contemporary rap elements. Furthermore, “Fashion B*tch” will be featured on Leaf’s upcoming EP, which is set to be released in Summer 2020.


Leaf - “Fashion B*tch” photo

“I like to see girls in their most confident state. That’s the essence of a true Fashion Bitch, feeling good in your skin, walking with that strut we all know in New York. Your hair does not have to be done, your nails don’t have to be done. It’s the confidence you have within you that makes you a fashion bitch.” – Leaf stated via Snobette

Leaf isn’t afraid to show off her flashy side nor flaunt designer looks while walking down the runway. She gives listeners a perspective of what New York rap is like from a female standpoint. Also, her music is fueled by artists like Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Lil’ Kim, and Foxy Brown.

“Attitude, baditude, gettin’ money now. So all I got is gratitude, Breesh. Longitude and latitude, Ass jiggle in them jeans. He like girl ya sh*t is fattitude. Camera lights flicker when I hit the scene. When it hit my diamonds know them lil b*tches beam. Butterfly doors, I be livin’ ni^^as dreams. Collect so much coin, money longer than my weave, hayyy.” – lyrics

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