Kiara Nelson - Adore You press photo

Kiara Nelson unveils a gorgeous solo debut single, entitled, “Adore You”

Kiara Nelson is a Finland-raised singer-songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida. Not too long ago, she unveiled a lovely music video for her gorgeous solo debut single, entitled, “Adore You”.

Kiara Nelson – “Adore You” music video

“I’m gonna stop with the safety ‘cause I wanna feel you daily. You need to know how I really feel inside. Been scared to say, been one too many scars, but in the end, I know it ain’t that smart. No, I don’t wanna be left here all alone. Gonna say it now so nothing’s left unknown. Oh, I adore you and I love to say I do. I only want to  do everything with you ‘cause I adore you.” – lyrics

‘Adore You’ tells an honest tale of a young woman who reveals how she feels about her significant other. Apparently, she realizes that her companion is the one she adores. Therefore, she concludes (right then and there) that she doesn’t want to be with anyone else.

‘Adore You’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and infectious chorus. Also, the danceable tune possesses acoustic guitar-driven instrumentation flavored with modern pop and ‘90s-inspired R&B elements. Furthermore, the song shows that Nelson has everything she needs to make an international impression.

Kiara Nelson

Kiara Nelson + Adore You + Sony + press photo by Nathan Damour
Photo by Nathan Damour

“‘Adore You’ was written in 2018 and felt like the perfect debut single for me with its catchy melodies and empowering message. It’s the first glimpse to me as an artist and my music and I hope it gives people the courage to say how they feel with confidence. I can’t wait to see how people react to it!” – stated Kiara Nelson

‘Adore You’ serves as Kiara Nelson’s biggest musical moment yet. The adorable tune is a perfect introduction to what listeners can expect to hear from the charismatic newcomer, who is projected to have an impactful 2020.

Nelson grew up in a family of women (her mother, grandmother, and aunts) who encouraged her to follow her love of singing. Early on, Britney Spears was her favorite inspiration. Despite her obvious talent, she suffered from stage fright. But her mother helped her overcome it in kill-or-cure fashion by dragging the then 17-year-old to karaoke nights every weekend.

Since then, Nelson has opened up for Justin Bieber and signed a recording deal with Sony Music. As a person, she’s upright and independent, with the self-confidence to know that she can be herself rather than the stereotypical pop star persona. Also, she’s down-to-earth but determined: exactly what she needs for the journey ahead of her.

“Adore You” single

Kiara Nelson - “Adore You” cover

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