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Kiara Nelson drops an appetizing pop tune, entitled, “Kisses For Breakfast”

Kiara Nelson is a Finland-raised singer-songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida. Not too long ago, she released an appetizing pop tune, entitled, “Kisses For Breakfast”.

Kiara Nelson – “Kisses For Breakfast” single

‘Kisses For Breakfast’ expresses a situation in which even the most self-assured character can feel insecure about a situation that has to do with a new love. Also, it’s about empowering yourself at the moment, embracing a new relationship, breaking free of your inhibitions, and giving 100% of yourself to your new love.

‘Kisses For Breakfast’ contains a relevant storyline, alluring vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the catchy dancefloor-friendly tune possesses vibrant instrumentation scented with a mild tropical-pop aroma. Furthermore, ‘Kisses For Breakfast’ follows hot on the heels of Kiara Nelson’s debut single, entitled, “Adore You”, which has accumulated over one million streams online via Spotify.

“Kisses For Breakfast” single

Kiara Nelson - “Kisses For Breakfast” cover

“‘Kisses For Breakfast’ to me is a very sweet and special song about meeting someone that changes you for the better. A person that makes you want to dive in fully into the relationship. Even if you’re someone who’s usually scared to catch feelings. I think the song is a cute representation of the beginning of a relationship. When you realize you really want to hold onto someone and give them kisses for breakfast every day!” – Kiara Nelson

‘Kisses For Breakfast’ was co-written by Kiara with the track’s producers, M-22 (Robin Schulz, Klingande). There’s a magic touch to their creative connection. They first made an impact when Kiara featured on their dance anthem, “After Hours”, which has accumulated over 17 million streams online via Spotify.

We recommend adding Kiara Nelson’s “Kisses For Breakfast” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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