Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross releases a music video for “Be Great” single

Kevin Ross is a singer-songwriter outta Washington, D.C. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Be Great“, an inspirational song off his “Long Song Away” EP featuring DMV rapper Chaz French and 4-time Grammy-nominated singer BJ the Chicago Kid.


In ‘Be Great’, Ross asked an important question, “Do you know what it takes to be great?” That question has boggled the minds of many inquisitors until author Malcolm Gladwell came up with his ‘10,000-hour rule to greatness’ theory, which states that logging in 10,000 hours of practice will enable anyone to achieve a level of proficiency that would rival that of a professional.

But lately, the ‘10,000-hour rule’ has sparked spirited debates, resulting in many scientists debunking Gladwell’s theory.

Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross

But Ross isn’t bothered by the naysayers, and he is holding steadfast to Gladwell’s ‘10,000-hour rule’ theory. In ‘Be Great’, Ross said, “I put 9,999 hours in/Still with the first ones who I first started with/Took me a lil while now I know better/Been trying to change me but I won’t let her,” and later, “Great is when you put your thousand hours in it/ Great is when you’re never satisfied with it/ Great is when you know you gon lose friends…”

FUN FACT: Ross made his Motown debut in 2014 when he released “Dialogue in the Grey“, a four-track EP featuring T.I. and Ne-Yo.

Kevin Ross

Title: “Long Song Away” EP

Genres: R&B/Soul, Music

Released: Dec 09, 2016

Labels: ℗ 2016 Motown Records/Verve Music Group

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