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Kevin Ross releases an alluring R&B single, entitled, “Show & Prove”  

Kevin Ross is an acclaimed Billboard charting singer-songwriter and producer from Washington, D.C. Not too long ago, he released an alluring R&B single, titled, “Show & Prove.”

Kevin Ross – “Show & Prove” single

“Say you got wants and needs, body been texting me. I don’t pay that no mind ‘cause you know talk is cheap. Baby, I stay on key, I don’t need no rehearsing. Body looks good on camera, wanna see that in person. T-shirt, hair-tied type night. Don’t trip we’ll skip to nothing on. If you ain’t up to speed, I’m light on my feet, I’ll be patient, babe. Believe it, ’cause I promise I can show you better than I can tell you. What’s next up is your move, I can follow through. It’s a rare connection, ain’t no question, send that signal through. So never mind the promises they told you, I can show and prove.” – lyrics

‘Show & Prove’ features both mellow and deep-cut percussion, atmospheric background vocals, and impressively fast yet equally composed vocals at the forefront of the track. The single reflects on the imaginative component that comes with getting to know someone and the often-heightened emotions that surface under the gaze of a new person.

Kevin Ross admits his eagerness to be present and rooted in reality rather than getting caught up in the hypotheticals of a budding romance. He sings, “Miss me with fantasies, I hate imagining, rather it happening all on top of me.” Drenched in ethereal sonics and textural vocals, “Show & Prove” aims to grasp at the real vignettes of intimacy rather than getting tangled up and twisted in the superficial.

Kevin Ross – “Look My Way” single

Kevin Ross’ previous track, “Sweet Release,” held down a Top 10 Adult R&B Airplay position while his “Look My Way” single debuted at #27, making Ross the first independent R&B artist with two singles in the Top 30 of this chart. Creator of his own record label, Art Society Music Group, Ross is not only a relevant artist but also, a hungry and record-breaking pioneer and entrepreneur paving the way for other artists to follow. With more than 100 million streams across various platforms, it’s clear that people are listening because Kevin Ross has something original to say.

Kevin Ross – “Show & Prove” single

Kevin Ross - “Show & Prove” cover


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