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Kb Mike releases a lovely music video for his contemporary rap ballad, entitled, “Blinded By Love”

KB Mike is a buzzing rap phenom from Chicago, Illinois. Not too long ago, he released a lovely music video for his contemporary rap ballad, “Blinded By Love,” via Republic Records.

Kb Mike – “Blinded By Love” music video

“You made the choice to leave, I just guess that I needed you more than you ever needed me. Tryna heal my heart but it’s still a missing piece. I was too blinded by love, I was too caught up on us, that’s why I couldn’t see. It was over ‘fore it started, letting go is always hardest. I get too attached, I hoped for the best. Thought you was 100, I thought we was bonding. You lied to my face when you coulda been honest. And that’s what hurt me more ‘cause I never ever expect that sh*t from you.” – lyrics

‘Blinded By Love’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young guy who recently broke up with his significant other. With a broken heart, he finds himself staring at pictures of them from the past when they were on really good terms. But where did it go bad? Where did it go wrong? He can’t seem to answer those questions. With a heavy heart, he tells his ex-partner, “I knew we wouldn’t work all along, but I rather stay with you than try to move on. I rather let you hurt me than let you go.”

KB Mike first teased “Blinded by Love” on TikTok, inciting viral excitement immediately. Reacting with listeners, it reeled in over three million views on videos using the sound. Also, it was shared over 20,000 times, in addition to racking up nearly 2000 video creations across the original sounds that KB Mike teased. On the track, bluesy guitar wraps around a throwback beat, balancing hip-hop bounce and R&B groove while KB gets lyrically confessional.

“Without you ain’t no me.”

Kb Mike press photo

“But you all I see, you all I want, you all I need. You all I love, you mean too much, you the air I breathe. Without you ain’t no me. So, the hardest part is seeing you leave.” – lyrics

To date, KB Mike has brought his total streams past the 50-million mark as of 2023. Moreover, he has incited the applause of major media outlets and fans alike. His visibility reached brand-new heights as he joined Tink’s national “Thanks 4 Everything” Tour, which was completed last month in April. It’s just the beginning though. KB has his sights set on being on top, and he’s grinding hard to accomplish that.

Kb Mike – “Blinded By Love” single

Kb Mike - “Blinded By Love” cover art

‘Blinded by Love’ follows KB Mike’s most recent anthem, “Rider,” which has generated millions of streams and earned critical acclaim. The stage is set for more music to come from KB very soon.

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