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Katey Brooks releases a bluesy indie-rock tune, entitled, “Never Gonna Let Her Go”

Katey Brooks is a singer-songwriter from London, England. Not too long ago, she released a bluesy indie-rock tune, entitled, “Never Gonna Let Her Go”.

Katey Brooks – “Never Gonna Let Her Go”

“We’re all going to walk this planet with different scripts in our heads. Different upbringings, experiences, and beliefs. If we want to get along and be peaceful, we need to accept that. Hate isn’t the answer in any situation, so I believe anyway. Judge me for my true failings. Ask me to change those things that actually effect you, and I’ll hear that. But one thing I’ll never change, and one thing that is definitely not wrong with me, is my love for women.” – Katey Brooks

‘Never Gonna Let Her Go’ contains a relatable storyline, soaring vocal harmonies, and lush instrumentation flavored with bluesy guitars and groovy rhythms. Also, the peaceful protest tune is about being true to yourself and rejecting shame.

Katey Brooks – “Never Gonna Let Her Go”

Katey Brooks - “Never Gonna Let Her Go” artwork

“In my most recent work, I’ve finally been able to sing directly about women instead of using the mysterious ‘you’. I’m a private person in a lot of ways and I never wanted to be a poster girl for anything. But a few years ago, I just thought screw it; I want to sing completely honestly. It felt like a weight lifted.” – Katey Brooks

Katey Brooks has certainly had her share of romantic turbulence, not to mention the struggle to come to terms with her sexuality. But with her new album under construction, the bubbly songstress is more determined than ever to do things her own way.

We recommend adding Katey Brooks’ “Never Gonna Let Her Go” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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