Katey Brooks press photo by John Morgan
Photo by John Morgan

Katey Brooks releases a remarkable album, entitled, “Revolute”

Katey Brooks is a talented singer-songwriter from London, England. Not too long ago, she released a remarkable album, entitled, “Revolute”.

The highly anticipated self-produced project was inspired by love, loss, learning, and rebirth. Also, it’s the result of needing to break out and reclaim one’s self and one’s autonomy. A perpetual theme throughout the 11-track release is the truth according to Brooks. Bleeding into every song, the songstress is an advocate for being your most authentic self.

Katey Brooks

Katey Brooks press photo
Photo by John Morgan Photography

“Completing these tracks is not only the closure of a difficult chapter for me, but the exciting beginning of something new, with my freedom finally found.” – Katey Brooks

Katey Brooks set out with the desire to inspire listeners to love themselves. Her “Revolute” album was crafted to act as a reminder that life is too short to live with regret and negativity. Each song on the project has its own timeless quality. Also, they all share a common characteristic which is simple (to-the-point), heartfelt, and honest.

Therefore, it was a difficult task picking out a few of our favorite tracks on “Revolute” because the album possesses many memorable recordings to pick from.

Katey Brooks – “All of Me” single

“‘All of Me’ was inspired by a personal situation with someone I was prepared to give my world to. They proclaimed deep love but then proceeded to behave in ways that were completely incongruent with that proclamation. Words can be very powerful and beautiful, but ultimately, when it comes to showing someone you love them, they’re cheap and easy to deliver. Actions tell us everything we need to know about how someone feels about us, and if they respect us—in every kind of relationship.” – Katey Brooks

All of Me” finds Katie Brooks being honest with herself and her significant other. Apparently, actions speak louder than words, therefore, she calls her partner out on her indecisiveness.

‘All of Me’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and lush instrumentation flavored with a contemporary soul aroma.

“Pain just reminds me why I sing and not just for me; for everybody. They say in a funny sort of way musicians are like therapists because music is a universal language. Everybody has experienced some kind of heartache, especially in relationships, and music allows us to purge these feelings.”

Katey Brooks – “In Your Arms” music video

“In my most recent work, I’ve finally been able to sing directly about women instead of using the mysterious ‘you’. I’m a private person in a lot of ways and I never wanted to be a poster girl for anything. But a few years ago, I just thought, screw it; I want to sing completely honestly. It felt like a weight lifted.” – Katey Brooks

In Your Arms’ finds Brooks telling her significant other that she wants to spend the rest of her life with her. Later, she admits that she wants to drown in her partner’s love and stay there for eternity.

The heartfelt tune contains a narrative that evokes the emotions of expressing your love for someone. Sonically, it showcases Brooks’ authentic musicianship, with soulful choral vocals, warm tones, and ethereal soundscapes.

“Heart on sleeve, I wanted to tell the woman I love just how much I love her. This song is an expression of what she means to me and how much has transformed for me since I met her. It’s about that good love, that breaks you open, challenges you, drives you and I think ultimately, makes you a better you.”

Katey Brooks – “Never Gonna Let Her Go”

“We’re all going to walk this planet with different scripts in our heads. Different upbringings, experiences, and beliefs. If we want to get along and be peaceful, we need to accept that. Hate isn’t the answer in any situation, so I believe anyway. Judge me for my true failings. Ask me to change those things that actually affect you, and I’ll hear that. But one thing I’ll never change, and one thing that is definitely not wrong with me, is my love for women.” – Katey Brooks

Never Gonna Let Her Go’ sets the tone for the album as Katey Brooks comes to terms with her sexuality, something she has oftentimes been shamed for. But each milestone in her life has definitely brought her to the place where she is today. 

In our opinion, her “Revolute” album is a solid body of work, filled with evergreen tunes that will stick with you forever like “The Sweetest Things”. 

Katey Brooks – “Revolute” album

Katey Brooks – “Revolute” album cover art

We recommend adding Katey Brooks’ “Revolute” album to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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