Karnaval Blues + Forget artwork

Karnaval Blues releases a groovy debut single, entitled, “Forget”

Karnaval Blues is an artist/producer from Leeds, England. Not too long ago, he released a groovy debut single, entitled, “Forget”.

Karnaval Blues – “Forget”

‘Forget’ tells a bittersweet story of a young man who desperately tries to forget about his ex-girlfriend and their faded relationship. Apparently, people close to him are telling him to forget about her, but he doesn’t want to. Oftentimes, he hopes that she misses him the same way that he desires to be with her. But some days he wishes he never met her. During those dark moments, he wrestles within himself, all alone, his heart aching and struggling to breathe again in a future scenario with better settings.

“Forget” single

Karnaval Blues Forget artwork
‘Forget’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and funky instrumentation flavored with electro-pop elements.

Karnaval Blues is signed to Mind Of A Genius (Gallant, ZHU, and hip-hop extroverts THEY.).

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