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Jonah Kagen releases a cinematic music video for his “Wish You Did” single

Jonah Kagen is a rising singer-songwriter, multi-talented musician, and producer from Savannah, GA. Not too long ago, he released a cinematic music video for his “Wish You Did” single, directed by Elliot Charof via Arista Records.

Jonah Kagen – “Wish You Did” music video

“I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun making a song than making ‘Wish You Did,’ and I think that really comes through in the music. I wanted to make people move and feel happy but also tell a very relatable story that I think many can resonate with. I’m so beyond excited to share this one with everyone!” – Jonah Kagen stated

‘Wish You Did’ tells a dreamy tale about a young guy who imagines himself communicating with a new love interest. However, in reality, inside a public place, she walks away from him without sparking a conversation. The next day, the guy hallucinates and can’t stop himself from seeing her on every TV station. Later, he admits, “If I see you again, I won’t make the same mistake twice. Won’t let you walk away and leave us talking in my mind.”

“Maybe I’m exaggerating, you’re not even mine. 100 kids is way too much, 99 will do just fine.”

Jonah Kagen - “Wish You Did” song cover

“Out on a Wednesday evening, me and my friends just drinking. That was the first and last time I saw you. Your beauty was terrifying, you weren’t even trying. I couldn’t help myself from watching you. I saw you looking over and I thought you might say, Hi. But you just walked away and left us talking in my mind. I wish you did, come to my table. Take my heart away, fall for me deeply, and say you want to stay. Dance by the river, say you love me to my face. Have a hundred kids, I wish you did.” – lyrics

‘Wish You Did’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Matoma, Clinton Kane, and Anson Seabra. The likable tune possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with a contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “Wish You Did” arrives on the heels of Jonah Kagen’s collaboration with Matoma, entitled, “Summer Feeling,” as well as his “Moon” and “Broken” songs.

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