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Joëlle Buyckx releases an impressive debut single, entitled, “Just a Fool”

Joëlle Buyckx is a Miami-based, Italian-American singer-songwriter from Rome, Italy. Not too long ago, she released an impressive debut single, entitled, “Just a Fool.”

Joëlle Buyckx – “Just a Fool” single

“Eventually, I will have a song that will be the turning point in my career. But this song is the turning point in my life. The first song I’m sharing with the world. ‘Just a Fool’ is about love at first sight. One of those weird magical situations when something just mutually clicks. But then, time passes, and it gets confusing. And you start wondering if you were just making it all up in your head, like a fool. You know? Anyways, I still have no clue to this day but I kinda like it that way, look where it led me.” – Joëlle Buyckx explained

‘Just a Fool’ contains a relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocalization, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Lauren Anderton, Beth Macari, and Gracie Convert. The likable tune possesses groovy bass-laden instrumentation flavored with a warm neo-soul vibration. Furthermore, “Just a Fool” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Joëlle Buyckx in the near future.

“Do you feel the same way too? Or am I just a fool, thinking about you?”

Joëlle Buyckx press photo

“My multifaceted upbringing has given me the ability to keep my mind open to different perspectives and see differences as strengths. My music derives from that. I follow no rules, just what feels and sounds good in its own unique way. What really matters to me is evoking a mood and making people feel a certain way through my fusion of sounds and visuals. I hear in colors and see in sounds. Hope I can make you do the same.” – Joëlle Buyckx explained

Joëlle Buyckx comes from a Mexican mother and French father. Music has always been a part of her life, but in the last few years, she’s realized nothing makes her feel the way music does.

“Just a Fool” single

Joëlle Buyckx - “Just a Fool” song cover art

“You know that feeling when you just see someone and you just kind of know, u know? Ever since I saw your face, I felt a way. I felt a different way, way before I knew your name. I can’t explain but I knew we were game ‘cause you’re just something else. I don’t know how – don’t know why. But I can’t help myself, you’re like no one else. But what I need from you is to know the truth. Do you feel the same way too? Or am I just a fool, thinking about you?” – lyrics

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