Joëlle Buyckx - “Waste My Love” press photo

Experience the Magic of Joëlle Buyckx’s “Waste My Love” Single

Joëlle Buyckx is a Miami-based, Italian-American singer-songwriter from Rome, Italy. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt electro-pop single, “Waste My Love,” which will be featured on Joëlle’s forthcoming album, “Paradise is a Feeling.”

Joëlle Buyckx – “Waste My Love” single

“Waste My Love” delves into the complexities of pouring your heart into a relationship that’s not meant to be. The song explores the evolution from hopeful curiosity to a sobering realization of the true dynamics between two lovers involved in a challenging relationship.

In “Waste My Love,” Joëlle captures the raw emotions of investing time and affection into someone who isn’t reciprocating in the way you deserve. The song reflects an emotional rollercoaster that is both heartbreaking and liberating. It’s about coming to terms with the necessity to move on and stop wasting time and love on someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with you.

“Waste My Love” is not just about heartbreak; it’s also a celebration of self-love and personal growth. Joëlle emphasizes that understanding you deserve better is a crucial step towards happiness. Also, walking away from a toxic relationship is portrayed as a strong and relieving experience, a pivot towards a better future.

Joëlle Buyckx – “Waste My Love” single

Joëlle Buyckx - "Waste My Love" cover art

“Waste My Love” is about pouring your heart into the same (wrong) person hoping things would change and turn into love. This song can be considered as the grown-up and less naive sister of my first single ‘Just a Fool,’ as the once feelings of doubt and hopeful curiosity have now turned into an acknowledgment of the real dynamic between two lovers and the necessity to move on and stop wasting time and love with someone that we don’t see eye to eye with.

I wanted this song to have a dance–cry yet celebratory, relieving, and strong feeling as I believe that understanding you deserve better and walking away from something or someone that isn’t right for you is always the best and most important step of the journey towards happiness and self-love. We accept the love we think we deserve, and we are the only ones that can pivot and make things better for ourselves by choosing what’s right for us.” – Joëlle Buyckx explained

Joëlle’s words convey the profound wisdom that we accept the love we think we deserve, and “Waste My Love” encourages listeners to reevaluate their relationships and make choices that align with their self-worth and happiness. The song is a powerful reminder that we have the agency to change our circumstances for the better by choosing what’s right for us.

Joëlle Buyckx

Joëlle Buyckx - “Waste My Love” press photo

Joëlle Buyckx’s cultural background is a mix of different influences deriving from her Mexican mother and Belgian father. Her multifaceted upbringing has given her the ability to keep her mind open to different perspectives and see her differences as strengths. What truly drives her is the ability to evoke emotions and transport listeners through a blend of sounds and visuals.

Joëlle Buyckx – “Waste My Love” single

Joëlle Buyckx - “Waste My Love” cover art

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