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J’Nae Morrae remixes Wiley’s, Stefflon Don’s, and Sean Paul’s “Boasty” single featuring Idris Elba

J’Nae Morrae is a Maryland-bred, Panamanian-raised producer. Not too long ago, she remixed Wiley’s, Stefflon Don’s, and Sean Paul’s “Boasty” single featuring actor Idris Elba.

J’Nae Morrae – “Boasty” remix

J’Nae Morrae - “Boasty” remix cover

“Wiley’s ‘Boasty’ brought an addicting dancehall flavor to summer’s ears, and I’m hoping to continue that vibe with another funky disco bassline. From Sean Paul’s classic delivery to Stefflon Don’s bad-gal vibes, and Idris Elba’s sizzling sauce. I was inspired to create this remix that mimicked the dope artists on this record.” – J’Nae Morrae

J’Nae Morrae creates infectious beats, groovy remixes, and is known for her corky and upbeat sounds. With each release, she continues to establish herself as a producer to watch out for.

So far, the original version of “Boasty” has amassed over 67M+ views on YouTube and over 50M streams via Spotify.

Wiley, Sean Paul, Stefflon Don – “Boasty” feat. Idris Elba

“I came to wrap it up, do my ting. Sabbie put me on the gram enuh, remix ting. Hold tight Wiley with the Pacino flow. Godfather Part II call me De Niro (Perfect!) I came to win, battle me that’s a sin. Disrespect man get a slap pon the chin. Man a King me no talk ’bout Larry. Man a big DJ, ask Meghan and Harry. Boast yeah, man a boasty. I make your girl melt like a toastie (Jheez). I been this way from day and I write for myself, no ghosty.” – Idris Elba’s lyrics

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