Jess Ball - “Ripe” press photo

Jess Ball releases a wonderful debut album, entitled, “Ripe”

Jess Ball is a rising, 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful debut album, entitled, “Ripe.” The 10-track project tells stories about Jess Ball’s battle with anorexia, finding her love for music, and gaining the strength to overcome her illness.

Jess Ball

Jess Ball - “Ripe” press photo

“I was in a pretty grim place in my early teens. And I think a lot of people, after finishing school, find themselves in a type of ‘limbo’ not knowing exactly what they want to do with themselves. I found my way into the fashion world and left Australia in 2018 to pursue a modeling career at the age of 18. A lot of people probably think that the modeling industry contributed to my disorder, however, my agency in Europe actually sent me back home when I was unable to do a fashion show because the clothes would have simply fallen off me. My family was in shock when I returned home later that year, but their love and support were the first step in me realizing that this was not just affecting me but everyone who loved me.

I always knew that I wanted to sing and always felt like it ‘should’ happen. But at the time, it all seemed impossible. Unfortunately, for many young adults, mental illness is at the forefront of today’s society, and it’s never an easy path to navigate. Everyone’s experiences are so complex and personal, that it is hard to know where to start. One constant, though, seems to be that in order to recover, everyone has their own, specific turning point. Ultimately, for me, the turning point was music.” – Jess Ball explained


Jess Ball - “Ripe” press photo

“In 2020, I received a phone call from my year 12 singing teacher, asking me to sing some songs for the production company 1&2, who had been working in Europe in the EDM world and producing and writing songs for some of the biggest global DJs. Feeling quite unsure of myself, I thought of this as a good way of pushing myself out of this debilitating state I had found myself in. The studio made me feel like I had a purpose; I finally found an environment where I felt useful.

Instead of channeling all of my focus into food and exercise, I began to channel it into avenues of the music industry. This brings me to why releasing my first full studio album ‘Ripe’ surfaces feelings beyond excitement for me. It is not only so amazing that I get to share these past years to work with everyone, but it also feels rewarding to know that I have come so far from where I started.

The album documents this journey of how music and, the people around me essentially saved me from a really dark place. Also, “Ripe” explores both the sadness that was experienced in those hard times but is supplemented by more uplifting tracks that highlight the progress I’ve made since getting back into music. I am really proud of the album and I am so happy that we are now finally releasing these tracks for everyone to hear.” – Jess Ball explained

“Ripe” album tracklist

Jess Ball - Ripe [Tracklist]

01 – “Save Me”

“‘Save Me’ is a really important song to me because it is about the people I love most; family and friends, and how much they have guided and helped me throughout the years. I owe a lot to these people, because they truly brought me out of a pretty dark place, and essentially saved me.” – Jess Ball

02 – “Talk”

“I wrote this track about people who tend to twist stories, in an attempt to make themselves sound better. It draws on having lived through a moment that is later falsely retold.” – Jess Ball

03 – “Echo”

“‘Echo’ is about wanting to be at peace with your own mind. Sometimes thoughts can be overwhelming, and the song imagines a state of being where these stressful thoughts are no longer present.” – Jess Ball

04 – “Inside My Head”

“This song draws on one’s inner thoughts and the ability of these thoughts to become draining and exhausting as part of everyday life.” – Jess Ball

05 – “Firestarter”

“‘Firestarter’ is basically about self-sabotage. The song draws on relationships and how one might try to find an issue that was never there to begin with because everything feels like it’s going too well.” – Jess Ball

06 – “Got the Time”

“This song reflects on summer holidays and surf trips to the beach. I love nothing more than soaking up the sun and going for a surf, and just wanted to capture that in a song.” – Jess Ball 

07 – “Same Thing”

“I wrote ‘Same Thing’ about how important it is to express your feelings and emotions to other people. No one should have to suffer in silence, and I’m sure that no matter what is going on internally, someone else has experienced it already or is going through it as well.” – Jess Ball

08 – “A**hole”

“This track draws on the whole ‘anything is possible’ mantra. Some days I find myself getting upset over things that can be easily fixed. I just need to find a solution rather than dwell on what didn’t go to plan.” – Jess Ball

09 – “Your Life”

“‘Your Life’ is about doing things you want to do, even if they seem out of reach. Basically, don’t be disheartened when things don’t go the way you want them to.” – Jess Ball

10 – “Gone Away”

“‘Gone Away’ is a song about parting ways with someone you have had an unhealthy relationship with. Though you might still love this person, you know it will never be enough because the feeling is not reciprocated, and therefore not worth your time.” – Jess Ball

Jess Ball – “Ripe” album

Jess Ball - Ripe [Album Artwork]

To promote the album, Jess Ball will be hitting the road with her band to showcase her 10 brand-new songs. Having collaborated with some of the biggest names in the dance music space and accumulating over 50 million streams, “Ripe” is a real breakthrough moment for Jess as a solo artist.

After signing with TMRW music, Jess released solo songs Upside Down, Thank You, Spent, and Messed Up. The standout singles caught the attention of independent and commercial radio, and Jess believed the time was right to release a full-length album that showcases what she has been playing on stage over the past year.

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