Kinck press photo by Stina Hollywood
Photo by Stina Hollywood

Jay Jay Musika and Kinck release a charming afro-pop tune, entitled, “Girl from Your Dm’s”

Jay Jay Musika is a London-based producer and Kinck is a Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, they released a charming afro-pop tune, entitled, “Girl from Your Dm’s”, written and recorded long-distance in quarantine.

Jay Jay Musika and Kinck – “Girl from Your Dm’s” single

“I put you in my diary, you got me going live eh, for you. And now I’m tripping sideways, the truth is that I’m super liking you. I know that girl be whiling. That is why I’m trying to keep my cool. Come check me on the corner of Avenue C. You know by the deli, right where we always meet. I hope you got my dm and know I’m not a creep, just a girl sprung for love and you’re the one I want.” – lyrics

‘Girl from Your Dm’s’ tells a playful tale of a young woman who is head-over-heels in love with a special person in her life. Apparently, this individual makes her feel alive, and that’s why she mentioned the person in her diary. Later, she enters this person’s DM and makes her presence felt online.

Furthermore, “Girl from Your Dm’s” is about trying to find a human connection. The likable summer tune contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and heart-shaped melodies. Also, the song possesses tropical instrumentation scented with a warm afro-pop aroma.


Kinck press photo
Photo by Stina Hollywood

“Jay Jay and I had worked together before and during the lockdown. He sent me some tracks and I recorded the vocals at my home studio in Copenhagen. ‘Girl from Your Dm’s’ is about trying to find love online during quarantine or actually just trying to pass time by flirting and creeping into strangers’ DMs. ha-ha.” – Kinck

Kinck (pronounced kink) is a Danish/ Senegalese artist who runs her record label, Sad Unicorn Recs, in Copenhagen. She was chosen as a role model for an international Adidas campaign because of her dedication to supporting female talent through her channels. Also, Kinck has earned studio time with some of the hottest producers including The Fanatix, Nate Donmoyer (Kelela), Maths Time Joy (Mahalia), STWO, and Yakob (6LACK).

Jay Jay Musika

Jay Jay Musika press photo

Jay Jay Musika has credits with some of the UK’s finest artists including Ms Banks, Bonkaz, and Olivia Nelson. Born and raised in the UK with Philippine roots, Jay studied music technology while running his studio in Hackney, London. He’s been working as a producer for over five years now and keeps rising on the UK music scene.

“Girl from Your Dm’s” single

Jay Jay Musika and Kinck - “Girl from Your Dm's” cover

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