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Listen To Jak Lizard’s Captivating New Pop Single, “Messy”

Jak Lizard (@jaklizard) is a rising singer-songwriter from New York. Not too long ago, he released a captivating new pop single, “Messy.”

Jak Lizard – “Messy” single

“You always act brand new, luxury apartment with a view. And I’m the only one who knows that you hate going out on weekends. You hate all your work friends; you hate that you’re vegan; you hate working Tuesdays; you hate Georgia peaches. Blame it all on pretext, blame it all on Jesus.” – lyrics

“Messy” finds Jak Lizard exposing the messy life of his significant other. She always takes a long time to get ready like “she and her reflection are going steady,” and “every outfit she has cost a pretty penny.” Jak Lizard sings, “You always want to go on a vacation, and all I ever want is a vacation. But I’m complacent, I wish I had a spaceship. I could wish upon a star from the station that one day everything would be amazing.”

“Messy” contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and soulful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Drake, Chance the Rapper, and Big Sean. The catchy tune is perfect for anyone who has a partner who has a messy room. Later, Jak Lizard admits, “Way too messy to fix, I’ve been living in the moment and it’s hard to resist. From your bedroom to your carpet to your luxury apartment, I’m like damn, this place is messy as f***!”

“Your room’s a little messy.”

Jak Lizard – “Messy” cover art

“‘Messy’ is an ode to those certain relationships in our life that we can only laugh at.” – Jak Lizard stated

You only need to catch a glimpse of a Jak Lizard performance to understand what the inventive New York songwriter is all about. Jak’s world is a vibrant kaleidoscope of sounds, shapes, colors, and words to match his exuberant stage presence and genre-hopping sound. His lyricism is backed by an airtight live rhythm section that brings an irrepressible groove to this multifaceted style that blends jazz, hip-hop, and soul influences.

Over the past year, Jak has spent his time working in studios with some of his favorite producers and artists while working to define his sound. After collaborating with GRAMMY-winner, Brasstracks, for his debut EP, “Shine to Rise,” Jak is back in the studio working both solo and collaborating with artists and producers such as Lawrence, Alexander Lewis, T-Shyne, BXRBER, Brasstracks, and more.

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