Hit-Boy – “SALUTE” cover featuring Big Sean and Fivio Foreign copy

Hit-Boy unveils a captivating audiovisual for his SALUTE single featuring rappers Big Sean and Fivio Foreign

Hit-Boy (Chauncey Hollis) is a 2X Grammy Award-winning producer/multi-hyphenate artist from Pasadena and the neighboring Inland Empire. Not too long ago, he released a captivating audiovisual for his SALUTE single featuring rappers Big Sean and Fivio Foreign.

Hit-Boy – SALUTE music video featuring Big Sean and Fivio Foreign

“That jealousy sh*t is an ocean and you either float or you sinkin’. Moment of truth, credit check, ni^^a, you not approved. B.B. King, I’m in love with the blues. Don’t start me up, I got finishing moves. Uh (Woo!) salute when you see me. Slid through all the commotion. It’s breaking news, they gotta air on TV. Poppin’ out on ’em, I’m politicking. Probably in the section where you’re not permitted. Ni^^a, my hunnids matching, my Dodger fitted. Playing all go, ain’t no stopping in me. Look (Yeah) salute when you see me.” – lyrics

SALUTE tells a triumphant tale about being shown respect, possessing wealth and power, and persevering against all odds after being counted out. The track mentions what women will do to obtain material things (purse, shoes, money) and what men will do for clout. Also, it speaks about making it out of the trenches, where surviving means harboring dark and thuggish thoughts.

SALUTE contains an urban-street narrative, reality-based raps, and a winner’s mentality. Also, the anthemic tune possesses stadium-thumping instrumentation flavored with a modern classic hip-hop vibration. Furthermore, the fantastic Child-directed music video finds Hit-Boy, Big Sean, and Fivio Foreign featured in a Tropic Thunder-themed setting.

“That jealousy sh*t is an ocean and you either float or you sinkin’.”

Hit-Boy and Fivio Foreign BTS photo for SALUTE

Hit-Boy is one of the music industry’s most sought out hip-hop producers. The California-bred hitmaker has more than earned his moniker. Recently, he was crowned ‘Producer of the Year’ at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. On a hot-streak, he has executive produced some of the biggest albums of the year including Nas’s “King’s Disease,” Big Sean’s “Detroit 2,” and Benny The Butcher’s “Burden of Proof.” Also, he produced the celebratory track, “4 Thangs,” by Freddie Gibbs featuring Big Sean.

“I’m prayin’ for whoever think that they competin’.”

Hit-Boy and Big Sean photo

Hit-Boy boasts an impressive roster of credits from wielding pop smashes for Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande to producing hit records for Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and more during his 13-plus years in the industry. As a rapper and songwriter in his own right, Hit-Boy has recorded and released seven mixtapes and three collaborative albums. Also, he has taken home a 2020 Best Rap Performance Grammy for his appearance on the late Nipsey Hussle’s “Racks In The Middle” single alongside breakout rap star Roddy Ricch.

Hit-Boy – “SALUTE” cover featuring Big Sean and Fivio Foreign

We recommend adding Hit-Boy’s SALUTE single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below. Peace.

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